‘ALLELUJAH! DON’T BEND! ASCEND!, the first recording in a decade from Godspeed You! Black Emperor, is now available in stores and online.

MP3 and FLAC formats are available in our shop now: CLICK HERE.

We’ve been genuinely blown away and humbled by the response the album has received in the two weeks since its announcement. There’s been a truly overwhelming outpouring of sincere excitement and support from fans of the band, alongside thoughtful critical acclaim: The Needle Drop loved it, Pitchfork BNM’ed it and SPIN gave it a 9/10; Tiny Mix Tapes and Chromewaves and Alain Brunet of La Presse interrogated the significance of Godspeed’s work as political statement and cultural text at this point in history. Of course we’d also direct anyone who hasn’t yet done so to take a look at Maddy Costa’s interview feature in The Guardian, and Sophian Fanen’s three-part treatment of Constellation and Godspeed (also featuring an interview with the band) in France’s Libération newspaper.

Sorry to say, we won’t be able to take any more direct orders for physical formats of the album for a little while longer, though we’ve got a number of other options for getting your hands on one HERE. As always, we strongly encourage you to support local independent record shops.

Thanks again for listening, and let’s also celebrate with Efrim being interviewed by a hand puppet, followed by kids grooving to a “rockets fall on Rocket Falls” dance party: