A mix of tracks from our first edition of Musique Fragile, featuring Khôra, Nick Kuepfer and Les Momies De Palerme. Also includes an excerpt from the Wurld soundtrack by Elfin Saddle.
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00:00 Khôra - "Body Aperture" [edit]
02:58 Nick Kuepfer - "Corpse In The Wildflowers"
05:54 Les Momies De Palerme - "Médée"
08:35 Khôra - "Hushed Pulse Of The Universe" [edit]
12:22 Nick Kuepfer - "Tierra Santa con Mantaña Rusa
14:49 Les Momies De Palerme - "Rivière du non-retour/Le cerf invisible" [edits]
21:14 Khôra - "Natura Naturans" [edit]
24:37 Nick Kuepfer - "Camionetas de Frutas en Primavera"
26:42 Elfin Saddle - "Wurld Soundtrack" [edit]
30:15 Les Momies De Palerme - "Solis" [edit]