Automatisme is the electronic music project of Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec-based producer William Jourdain, who has since 2013 self-released a brilliant series of albums and tracks under this moniker, exploring various intersections of drone, glitch, dub techno, ambient, electro-acoustic and noise. Starting with site-specific field recordings, Automatisme samples, processes, signal bends and transforms this source material into soundscapes charting a broad spectrum spanning minimalist pulse, methodically additive beat, stacked-tone maximalism, spatial drone and arrhythmic ambient/noise.
Jourdain is among a cohort of young electronic music practitioners for whom the early works of progenitors from twenty years ago loom large – Pan Sonic/Mika Vainio, Stefan Betke (Pole, ~scape), Carsten Nicolai (Alva Noto, Raster-Noton). This period (1995-2002) was similarly formative for Constellation, and while at that time the label was preoccupied with the dirtier and messier sounds of local bands melding punk/rock instrumentation with various post-rock currents, we were concurrently huge fans of the aforementioned artists, their rigorous, methodical, highly-controlled strategies and arid, restrained sonic terrains. Automatisme has bubbled up and hit all our residual minimal-electronic pleasure centers all these many years later.
We also urge interested ears to check out Automatisme on Bandcamp for all of Jourdain's excellent self-released and collaborative material.

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    Automatisme • "Simultanéité 4"
    TransitAUTOMATISME180gLP / DL
    Momentform AccumulationsAutomatisme  CD / 180gLP / DL