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COIN COIN Chapter Four: Memphis credits and liner notes

17 Jul 2019

COIN COIN Chapter Four: Memphis credits and liner notes


Matana Roberts:  alto sax, clarinet, wordspeak, voice
Hannah Marcus: electric guitar, nylon string guitar, fiddle, accordion, voice
Sam Shalabi: electric guitar, oud, voice
Nicolas Caloia: double bass, voice
Ryan Sawyer: drumset, vibraphone, jaw harp, bells, voice

Special guests:

Steve Swell: trombone, voice
Ryan White: vibraphone
Thierry Amar: voice
Nadia Moss: voice
Jessica Moss: voice
Ian Ilavsky: voice

Recorded at Break Glass studios in Montréal, Québec by Jace Lasek, assisted by Dave Smith
Mixed at Thee Mighty Hotel2Tango in Montréal, Québec by Radwan Moumneh
Mastered at Greymarket in Montréal, Québec by Harris Newman

“trail of the smiling sphinx” includes snippets of old folk tunes “Paddy on the Turnpike” and “Cold Frosty Morning”

“fit to be tied” is an arrangement of “St. Louis Blues” by W.C. Handy

“her mighty waters run” is an arrangement of “Roll the Old Chariot”

“how bright they shine” includes an arrangement of “Tennessee Waltz”

Liner notes:

“this little light of mine….”
2 many people 2  thank by name…but u know who u are + u know tht I love u.
a special collective thanks 2 everyone tht has bought these records, come 2 shows,cheered it on in public, in private, in silence… It is incredibly meaningful. I wld also like 2 send thanks 2 the wonderful sound explorers on this recording. each record in the series features people tht i have on more than 1 occasion spent some very valuable time with in music+ beyond. 

“this little light of mine….”

special thanks 2 sista shree ( find her book SEVA)
u are a true light of wisdom and joy

BIG UPS 2 the city of Memphis 
unlike any place I have yet 2 know…
a history tht I feel we all need 2 be reminded of as we move 4ward in these times of distinct crisis

“this little light of mine….”

a deep love 2 my maternal grandmother, whose bright eyes graces this cover.this mughsot is pure american black folk Memphis raised defiance….

The chapter herein, recalls the story of a wo(e)man chile, in my coin coin bloodline, named Liddie.

“this little light of mine….”

who for moment of a long lifetime ago, lived in a tenessee wood, alone, a small person yet ungrown/unknown…
her father murdered by weak men in white hoods, her mother dying somewhere unknown…alone…
Liddie’s life story always moved me + i feel very privileged at being able 2 finally document her memory as it was passed on 2  me….i share these stories bc they continually lift me + I hope u….memory is a gift….

I stand/we stand on the backs of a people who never got a chance 2  fully express themselves
but each pushed forward in some fearless way tht begot so much…
fearlessness is all we will ever have…. don’t squander it…
embrace it…
expand it…
 interrogate it…
never reprimand it…
it truly lies only between u + yr wildest of dreams.
yr possibilities are limitless…
use pain like a diving board: jump in 2  new ways of seeing, being, breathing + believing
don’t forget the forgotten,release the tragedy,grab the silver linings,remember them…
but most of all, don’t give up…
u have value, if even just 2 yrself…
happiness is a choice.

Lastly, this recording is dedicated 2 the memory of my father, a difficult human, i am still begrudgingly proud of.
He believed deeply in the power of sound,the power of mindset, the power of questioning…
He also introduced me to this music:
Dr. D.L. Roberts aka “Black Gold”

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