Remaining copies of the Clues tour-only 7″ from this past winter are now in our warehouse and available in the web store. These come in foldover jackets screenprinted in black, red, foam blue and metallic gold on thick linen-weave tan paper with a 7″x7″ insert art card on the same heavy cardstock. The A side features a wickedly off-kilter, woozified remix of the anthemically angular “Ledmonton” from their self-titled debut full-length and the B side has an early home-tracked version of “You Have My Eyes Now” previously released as a 3″ CD and sold exclusively through the Distroboto network of retrofitted cigarette vending machines that now proffer $2.00 tapes, CDRs, art booklets, buttons, etc. at various venues in Montreal.

There are about 100 of these 7″s left and we won’t be making more: now is the time to add one to your vinyl order. If you get your package weight right, you’ll pay no extra shipping on this item – it can be yours for 4 Canadian bucks.

That’s the hard sell. See pics of the item after the break.


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