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Supporting Artists During The Shutdown

Since the end of March 2020, Constellation has been passing through 100% of digital album revenue to its artists from all album download sales in our webshop and on Bandcamp.

Buying WAV or MP3 albums is a cost-effective way of immediately putting some cash directly into precarious artists’ hands – and an ever more important format to counter the non-viable economics of digital streaming for underground/experimental music

We can’t emphasize enough how crucial the restoration of value for digital music via album download sales is for us and for so many other small labels and independent artists. Our pandemic policy of pushing this revenue entirely to artists, while first and foremost the most immediate way Constellation could support label-affiliated artists during the pandemic, also aims to reinforce the importance of digital album download sales more broadly and over the longer term future

Needless to say, LP & CD purchases are also profoundly helpful and appreciated, but we know budgets are tight.

Our digital albums cost 9.00 CAD. That’s about 7.00 USD or 6.00 EUR (at exchange rates spring/summer 2020).

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