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Supporting Artists During The Shutdown

Constellation is passing through 100% of digital album revenue to its artists until further notice. Please consider supporting these artists – and reducing the impact on physical transportation and delivery networks – by purchasing digital albums. Digital albums provide real value for the music and real income for the musicians, especially compared to streaming (which, for the vast majority of our artists, amounts to a pittance and is financially meaningless).

Scroll down to browse our catalogue below.

Read more about our pandemic response here, including information about physical orders for LP/CD (which we are still accepting) and ways to support independent record shops as well.

Our full-length digital albums cost $9.00 CAD. That’s less than $7.00 USD and around 6.00 EUR (at current exchange rates 26 March 2020).

Please also consider shopping digital albums at Bandcamp, a platform we wholeheartedly support, where you can also pay more than the asking price if you desire – any additional dollars will also be passed through in full to the artist. (Bandcamp also provides a wider range of format options for your digital download.)

This policy will remain in effect at least until the end of May 2020. We intend to renew it for as long as we can as the situation merits. But right now would be a great time to give it your consideration.

* * *

Ordering LPs and CDs also supports the artist of course, and we continue to take these orders. Please note however that physical orders will only ship out when our Montréal warehouse is operational again (Québec is currently requesting all non-essential workplaces to shut down and keep their employees at home) and when we feel confident that shipping will not put undue strain on essential services and will get to you in a reliable and timely manner. This is likely to mean delays of days or weeks. We will keep you updated via email on the status of your physical orders – meanwhile complimentary digital copies will be available for immediate download.

Thanks and take care everyone.

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