New Era Building
CST001      7"
“Sofa creates a dark, moody landscape, while simultaneously verging on the brink of lunacy. ‘Canyon (Fade)’ commences with subtle pounding, explodes and then reforms into an epic tension of melody and noise”

CMJ Weekly

“Sofa dish up two prime selections of guitar chopping mania. Big and brooding and likened to Slint reforming at a Joy Division tribute night! You can see what they mean.”
Cafe Bliss

GreySofa         CD / DL

Ground zero in the Constellation catalogue. This seven-inch by Sofa contains two songs taken from one of the band’s 1995 cassette-only releases. Neurotic noisebursts recorded live to 2-track. Slinky riffs on “With It” and galloping clang on “Canyon (Fade)” from this disturbed rock quartet.

Release date: 30 May 1997
Running time: 9:00

Packaging notes
7" jacket is unglued foldover offset print in duotone inks on cardstock paper.

1. Canyon (Fade)
2. With It

Scott Clarkson: bass
Ian Ilavsky: guitar
Keith Marchand: drums
Brad Todd: voice

Recorded live to 2-track by Paul Drouin at his home in Montreal, summer 1995. Mastered by Paul and Sofa.