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“An unsettling and wholly urban distillation of dub, punk, tape manipulation, and mind-bending drums… Exhaust is a deeply edgy album whose harsh undercurrent is the soundtrack to a latenight walk in a dimly lit, unfamiliar neighbourhood.”

“[A] slab of serious substance, sinewy and sinister, made to menace with dubby beats and jarring jazz… Exciting. Exhilarating. Exhausting.”

“These filmic instrumentals conjure up crime dramas and windswept cityscapes. Another weird, wonderful refugee from the Canadian musical hinterland.”

“Throughout the album, an array of sounds take turns steering styles from dub to punk into each other. Definitely worth repeated listening.”

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The self-titled debut album by Exhaust was recorded to 3- and 4-track at the original Hotel2Tango and Mom and Pop Sounds in 1997. Originally a vinyl-only release in 1998, Constellation also issued it on CD in 2000. Anchored by drummer Aidan Girt (later drafted by GY!BE), Exhaust tore up live rooms around Montreal with Gordon Krieger’s deafening bass moans and Mike Zabinski’s live reel-to-reel tape distortions carving out a dub-punk racket. Exhaust captures this, along with Krieger’s bass clarinet work and 8-bit remixes by 1-Speed Bike (the first recorded appearance of Aidan’s DJ alter ego). A bipolar depth charge from one of the bands that made us want to start a record label.

Release date (LP): 31 August 1998
Release date (CD): Spring 2000
Running time: 34:00

Packaging notes
CD gatefold jacket made from 80lb. textured uncoated blue cardstock with white foil-embossed images and text.  Insert card offset printed on linen finish mustard cardstock.

LP jacket made from 80lb. textured uncoated blue cardstock with white silkscreen images. Insert card silkscreened on linen finish mustard cardstock.

1. A History Of Guerrilla Warfare
2. Metro Mile End
3. Homemade Maggot Beer
4. We Support Iran In Their Bid To Win The 1998 World Cup
5. Two Years On Welfare
6. This Is Our (Borrowed) Equipment
7. Wool Fever
8. A Medley Of Late Night Buffet Commercials
9. Winterlude
10. The Black Horns Of H2T

Aidan Girt: drums
Gordon Krieger: bass, guitar, bass clarinet
Mike Zabinski: tapes

Recorded and mixed at the Hotel2Tango in Montreal by Alain Tremblay. TRACKS 2, 3, 7, 9 at Mom and Pop Sounds in Montreal by David Bryant. TRACKS 4, 6, 8 remixed by 1-Speed Bike. Mastered at DNA by Andrew Frank.