Droopy Butt Begone!
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“This release is chock-a-block full to the brim of what every musically choosy protester needs: strong Canadian experimental rhythms with a flowing drum beat and decidedly cut'n paste/anarchistic mindset.”

“It's a cross between toilet humor and socio-political ranting over deconstructed hip-hop beats, rave anthem odes, and haunting soundscapes with thump.”

“[A] delightfully shapeshifting album of interlaced rhythms and tones, containing some of the most compelling dark and lo-fi electronic noodling since the Third Eye Foundation's ‘You Guys Kill Me’.”

“As you would imagine, drumming features very strongly on this album. Big beats provide the substance of each track while techno, hip-hop, punk and house genres are all visited in sample form.”

“[T]his is a cool exploratory trip into electronica and varied experimentation.”
Baby Sue Music

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EnregistreurExhaust   CD / LP / DL

Alternating between humour and homage, Droopy Butt Begone! opens with a medley of 80’s techno/hip-hop references (filtered synth swells, BPM doubling, scratch samples and a shout-out dedication of sorts), giving way to delicate glockenspiel underpinned by head-bobbing beats. Aidan Girt (GY!BE, Exhaust) is the merry studio prankster here, and this was the first full-length record under his 1-Speed Bike moniker, which operated for some time in the Montreal region as a mobile activist soundsystem. The album includes a kinetic remix of Fly Pan Am, who were simultaneously at work on Sédatifs En Fréquences Et Sillons at the Hotel2Tango while Aidan was mashing things up in the back room. Dark atmospherics and shimmering melodies bind these tracks throughout, set against various whimsical touches. Jazzercise for the revolution!

Released 23 October 2000.
Running time: 36:43

Packaging notes
CD and LP come in 100% recuperated black felt finish cardstock jacket printed with opaque silver-white ink and include a black and white insert card.

Vinyl is high-quality standard weight pressing from RTI in California, approx. 140g.

1. The Day That Mauro Ran Over Elwy Yost
2. Seattle/Washington/Prague 00/68 Chicago/Nixon/Reagan Circle-Fighting Machine
3. Yuppie Restaurant-Goers Beware Because This Song Is For The Dishwasher
4. Just Another Jive-Assed White Colonial Theft
5. Why Are All The Dogs Dying Of Cancer?
6. My Kitchen Is Tiananmen Square
7. Any Movement That Forgets About Class Is A Bowel Movement
8. Outro

Aidan Girt: various instruments

Fly Pan Am: source material on TRACK 3

Recorded and mixed at the Hotel2Tango in Montreal by Aidan, winter-spring 2000. Mastered by Harris Newman.