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“[A] very cohesive, well-balanced and aesthetically pleasing fabric of sound... Sobering peels of noise and guitar whines rip and collide into a humble atmosphere.”

“Although the tracks' precise execution gives them a sort of mechanical perfection, the results are not cold. Instead, Ilavsky and Evens use spare melodies to give the music an otherworldly warmth.”

“[T]he slowly sliding and colliding mass of hard ware reverberations suddenly start to rock out in the most spectacular and shocking fashion.”
The Wire

“Mnant can be heard as a post-industrial soundtrack - technology turned on its head in an attempt to re-inscribe the melodies of human noise: there are ghosts in these machines.”
Notes from the Underground

“[A]n immense slow drone, with fluctuating background blips and cracks. It is abstract expressionist electronic music.”

AlmsRe:   CD / 180gLP / DL
Sédatif en fréquences et sillonsFly Pan Am   CDEP / 12"EP / DL
Ceux qui inventent n’ont jamais vecu Le Fly Pan Am   CD / LP / DL
EnregistreurExhaust   CD / LP / DL
Like Hearts SwellingPolmo Polpo   CD / 180gLP / DL

This first collection of material recorded and assembled by Re: comprises 11 songs culled and coaxed from an unruly pile of 4-track cassette and DAT recordings made by (then) Boston-based Aden Evens and Montrealer Ian Ilavsky (Sofa, Silver Mt. Zion) during the late 90s. Mnant is an album of remaindered and recuperated sounds, densely layered, treated, filtered and mangled on computer. It is electronic music full of impurities, pulled from an archive of live performance and incidental field recording, guided by no rules beyond an attempt to make the right move at every turn, letting one loop or sound fragment suggest the next in an additive process that took three years of cross-border visits to realise. The result is a highly original series of tracks that defies easy categorisation and sits as comfortably alongside the work of This Heat or Village Of Savoonga as it does anything labeled ‘electronica’. Beats are sometimes overt, sometimes implied, and the whole is like an entire city sampled and summoned in sound.

Release date: 23 April 2001 (Europe), 7 May 2001 (rest of world)
Running time: 45:00

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1. scue
2. duce
3. solute
4. cipe
5. straint
6. buke
7. pent
8. legate
9. volve
10. ject
11. gulate

Aden Evens: various instruments
Ian Ilavsky: various instruments

Fly Pan Am: electronics on TRACK 6

Recorded in various locations and assembled in Aden’s attic in Arlington MA by Re:, 1997-2000. Mastered by Harris Newman.