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“[A] paranoid, patch-worked quilt of sound… Minimal, ambient passages lead to gentle assaults structured around the drum'n'bass-inspired percussion.”

“Intuitively grasping that less is more, Exhaust strike when the moment is right and otherwise hold back, and the resulting tension permafixes the album's tone of drifting dread.”
The Wire

“[A] raw (un)hinged approach that revels in its contrasts between brutal dissonance and soothing interludes, propulsive funk and solemn bass tones. It's muscular and intricate, stark and surreal.”

“What's most apparent is Exhaust's patience and restraint, their use of space to create gentle evocative moments in time. Brilliantly conceived and perfectly executed, Enregistreur is like nothing else around today. This is experimental music at its best.”
Inpress (Australia)

“[B]rooding songs comprised of dark sounds and cavernous musical landscapes.”

“It is a hallucinatory and phantasmic concoction of mood, texture and tone that speaks in emotions instead of words… An artful, strange album.”
Culture Bunker

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Recorded at a cabin in the country, all the original Exhaust elements – ultra-low-end bass moan, loping breakbeat trapkit, live reel-to-reel tape scratch – remain at the core of this album. Spliced and diced at the original Hotel2Tango during mixing, the record is an excellent slab of punk-minimalist collage. Bassist Gordon Krieger adds bass clarinet on several tracks, while Mike Zabinski (tapes) and Aidan Girt (drums) deploy loops, signal processing, machine noise and live beats around slow, stripped-down, see-saw bass guitar. The result is a paranoid late-night roam through the proverbial deserted city, picking up the occasional sinister, garbled transmission along the way. Refreshingly absent are the endlessly self-replicating strains and sounds of electronica; Exhaust focused squarely on its own organic playing (and broken gear) to craft these electronically-processed tracks, without facile recourse to the ‘add-some-blips’ strategy that plagued so much so-called post-rock. Aidan’s 1-Speed Bike DJ alter-ego is integrated back into Exhaust’s live trio context. Rather than re-mixing stand-alone tracks as he did on the Exhaust debut, he cuts, pastes and filters his rhythms all over the record. Combined with Gordon and Mike’s forays into sound art and sound environment recordings, all three members put their heads and ears together to execute a series of controlled experiments sourced from their distinct and deliberate palette of riffs and melodic passages.

Release date: 9 September 2002
Running time: 44:37

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1. Gauss
2. Behind The Water Tower
3. Voiceboxed
4. Ice Storm
5. Dither
6. Behind The Paint Factory
7. My Country Is Winter
8. Silence Sur Le Plateau
9. Degauss

Aidan Girt: drums
Gordon Krieger: guitar, bass, bass clarinet
Mike Zabinski: tapes

Mike Moya: guitar treatment on TRACK 3

Recorded in a cabin and mixed at the Hotel2Tango in Montreal by Exhaust. Mastered by Harris Newman.