Nostalgia/Pain EP
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“Beautifully realised and packaged, ‘Nostalgia/Pain’ describes the mood of Vajagic's Gothic quest perfectly.”
The Wire

“Call her folk-blues sound chilling, raw, wrenching, gothic -- whatever term you choose, it's the timeless sound of breathtaking music brought vividly to life by passionate musicians.”

“Vajagic has an aching, dry voice that can freeze you with the ice queen chill of Nico, lull you with the weathered vulnerability of Patti Smith and then finish you off with soaring falsetto strength of Diamanda Galas.”
Signal To Noise

“Elizabeth Anka Vajagic… sings with one of the most emotionally bare voices currently recording… The vocals penetrate, and occasionally scare, which means Vajagic's still in that form uniquely hers.”
Pop Matters

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Elizabeth Anka Vajagic followed up her 2004 debut full-length with two long-form incantations channeled through the full range of her blistering, astoundingly intimate voice. As the title suggests, Vajagic cuts deep into a couple of timeless themes, with both title pieces featuring extended instrumental and noise passages. “Nostalgia” and “Pain” were both recorded by Howard Bilerman at the original Hotel2Tango during the sessions for Stand With The Stillness Of This Day, and allowed seasoned improv-noise players like Sam Shalabi (guitar), Michel Langevin (drums) and Fluffy Erskine (bowed objects) to stretch out and serve up a harrowing skronk. The EP closes with a 4-track home recording done in dead of winter, at the end of 2004. These are chilling vocal lamentations framed by sometimes ghostly, sometimes galloping sonic texture. From quivering falsetto to guttural glissando, Vajagic’s voice gets a complete workout on these long, immersive songs. A pure, direct and unflinching emotional document that completes the song cycle begun with her debut album, and will wring the hearts of fans and newcomers alike.

Release date: 16 May 2005
Running time: 33:38

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1. Nostalgia
2. Pain
3. Beneath Quiet Mornings

E.A.V.: guitar, voice
Michel Langevin: drums
Marc Peetsma: bass

Fluffy, Efrim, Sam

Recorded and mixed at the Hotel2Tango in Montreal by Howard Bilerman during the sessions for Stand With The Stillness Of This Day (CST029). TRACK 3 recorded at home on 4-track, Fall 2004. Mastered at Grey Market in Montreal by Harris Newman.