Feu Thérèse
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“[A]n album both challenging and incredibly listenable, suggesting that, for some at least, there can be a happy medium between pushing boundaries and pleasing listeners.”
Tiny Mix Tapes

“[E]ach listen reveals quirks, digressions, and sonic internalities aplenty... A powerful disc.”
Grooves Magazine

“Landscapes become unstable, musical genres filter and groan. Electronics flutter through guitars, voices offer phantom promises…”
Plan B

“[R]aucous, flamboyant tendencies do not destroy themselves, but actually give rise to a document that is complexly layered, approachable, and adorned with many appealing shades.”
Cyclic Defrost

“The songs are alternately abrupt and hypnotic, strutting and stumbling, and beneath all this is a layer of discombobulation that works like an urban soundtrack to 2001: A Space Odyssey.”
Urban Pollution

“[T]he band takes us on a structural twist on every song.”
30 Music

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Fans of Fly Pan Am will find much to like with Feu Therese. Channeling the explosive noise-rock collage of their brilliant live performances, this debut album pits a determined, careening rhythm section against a palette of pumping organ chords, shards of electric guitar, vocals often processed beyond recognition, and myriad swoops and squawks. Packed with ideas and sounds, these songs strike a perfect balance of structure and improvisation, making for some very strange – and very catchy – avant rock. The band took shape in Montreal in 2004, headed up by guitarist Jonathan Parant (Fly Pan Am) and bassist/sound artist Alexandre St-Onge (Klaxon Gueule, Shalabi Effect, Et Sans, solo). The group also included sound artist Stephen De Oliveira and visual-artist-turned-drummer Luc Paradis. From the opening electronic squall of “Ferrari en feu” (the album is dedicated to Luc Ferrari) through the controlled psycho-babbling chaos of “Mademoiselle gentleman” to the unsettling, murmuring calm of “Tu n’avais qu’une oreille” (with De Oliveira on lascivious lead vocal), side A demonstrates the range of the band’s influences and syntheses. Side B pushes into more bizarre and playful territory on “L’homme avec coeur avec elle”, which mashes up a sultry saxophone solo and vocal chirps, while the band weaves a simple 2-chord twang underneath. Album closer “Ce n’est pas les jardins du Luxembourg” is a longer instrumental composition built around organ drones and processed field recordings, with rhythmic pulses and melodic accents ebbing and flowing, caught somewhere between Dark Side Of The Moon, Sun Ra, kabuki music and the zoo. Good times all around.

Release date: 17 April 2006
Running time: 40:29.

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1. Ferrari en feu
2. Mademoiselle gentleman
3. Tu n'avais qu'une oreille
4. l'homme avec couer avec elle
5. Ce n'est pas les jardins du Luxembourg

Stephen De Oliveira: synthesizers and synthesis, guitar, organ, harmonica, digital birds, voice
Luc Paradis: drums, percussion
Jonathan Parant: guitar, pump organ, synthesizer, electroinics, voice
Alexandre St-Onge: bass, organ, harpsichord, electronics, voice

Philippe Lauzier: saxophone, bass clarinet on TRACK 4

Recorded and mixed at the Hotel2Tango in Montreal by Thierry Amar. TRACK 5 and various other fragments recorded and mixed at Love Streams in Montreal by Stephen De Oliveira. Mastered At Grey Market by Harris Newman.