Ghosts Will Come And Kiss Our Eyes
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“[A]n undeniably solemn record…
This is a deep, reverberating listening experience.”

“The nine hymnal songs here are sung from the soul, each one heavy with emotional weight. Moya and company manage to merge melancholy with hope and joy. The end result is an evocative and captivating journey.”

“[Moya’s] latest project begins with Brooke Crouser's pump organ of doom and [his] wailing guitar, setting the perfect tone for the title. ‘Ghosts Will Come and Kiss Our Eyes’ is a haunting series of songs.”

“[W]hat is invisible and hidden in the cracks of these songs is perhaps what we as listeners should be looking towards for meaning… Every track on this record feels a bit eerie, like walking through a cemetery on a 16mm film reel.”
Left Hip Magazine

“[A] rich, evocative record… The songs are weighty — almost spiritual — with sustained organ and slow, dirge-like vocals. But the effect is gentle, sensual, and uplifting, rather than religious or sullen.”
Pan Pot

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Hrsta (her-shta) is the brainchild of founding Godspeed You! Black Emperor guitarist Mike Moya, who is joined on this third album (the band’s second on Constellation) by Brooke Crouser (Jackie-O Motherfucker) on organs, guitars and various effects. Brooke emerged as the core second member of the band, joining Mike on live dates since 2006, and contributing composition and arrangement on this record. The ever-faithful rhythm section of bassist Harris Newman and drummer Eric Craven provide additional backbone on select songs.

Ghosts Will Come And Kiss Our Eyes is a collection of gently foreboding psych-folk, anchored as always by Mike’s unique guitar sound and otherworldly, cracked vocals (think a sedated Daniel Johnson or Wayne Coyne). With Hammond and pump organs featured prominently in the mix, much of the material here sits on a thick, saturated foundation of shifting tones, drones and sustained chordings. Alternating between vocal tunes and instrumentals, the album creaks and cascades through hazed visions of cataclysm and calm, worry and wonder. In between singing songs are a clutch of gorgeous instrumentals forged from Mike and Brooke’s guitar and organ interplay.

Superbly recorded by David Bryant (Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Set Fire To Flames) at The Pines, Ghosts Will Come… brims with eerie atmosphere and intimate sonics, and is the most focused Hrsta record to date.

Release date: 10 September 2007 (Europe), 25 September 2007 (rest of world)
Running time: 41:50

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1. Entre la mer et l'eau douce
2. Beau Village
3. The Orchard
4. Tomorrow Winter Comes
5. Haunted Pluckley
6. Hechicero del Bosque
7. Saturn Of Chagrin
8. Kotori
9. Holiday

Mike Moya: guitar, organ, effects, voice
Brooke Crouser: guitar, organs, effects
Harris Newman: bass
Eric Craven: drums

Recorded and mixed at The Pines in Montreal by David Bryant. Mastered at Grey Market by Harris Newman.