Ça Va Cogner
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“Brilliantly contrived [with a] modern, informal air of ghost-like visionary beauty… This is a full-blown statement, and a brave salute to the unfashionable wonders of art.”
Pan Pot

“[A] triumph from start to finish… This is a complex and well thought out album of leftfield pop music.”

“[M]ore ethereal sojourn than pounding head trip… ‘Ça Va Cogner’ gives one plenty to mull over, musically and aesthetically.”

“[T]he group reaches back to uncompressed, noisy instrumentation and equally miscreant production, all strung together with the post-pop songwriting construction of their lineage…
A beautiful, respectful and innovative exercise in revision.”
Slug Magazine

“[D]efinitely one of the most unpredictably bizarre albums
of the year, if not ever.”
Left Hip Magazine

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Feu Therese caught spark from the embers of Fly Pan Am’s break-up in 2005, when FPA guitarist Jonathan Parant joined forces with longtime collaborators Alex St-Onge (bass, electronics) and Stephen de Oliveira (synths, voice) to form the group. Painter turned drummer Luc Paradis completed the new line-up. Their debut self-titled album, released on Constellation in spring 2006, expanded on FPA’s sonic agenda, while relying more on instumental juxtapositions – rather than electronic interventions or intentional sabotage at the mixing desk – to hijack the music. The Feu Thérèse mandate of knitting critical and non-conformist elements right into their song structures, instead of having these ‘collide’ with the music as if from outside, has reached a new level of bizarre sublimation on their new record.

Ça Va Cogner sticks to these conceptual guns, as Feu Therese aimed to recuperate and re-cast a ‘synthetic’ music that intentionally eschews the codified elements of 21st-century electro nostalgia: the ‘cool’ analogue keys, the heavy bass & drum mix, the overwrought faux-primitivism. Feu Therese embraced unfashionable synth stabs and arpeggiators, riding them high in the mix, along with the vocals, delivered with unapologetically forward, spoken-sung deliberateness by de Oliveira (in a clear nod to the poetics and production values of 1970s/80s French chansonniers). The overt suppression of ‘rockist’ production values – values that the band would maintain now condition every corner of DIY popular music – places this record strangely outside its times. With lyrics entirely in french, some will no doubt find the whole package impenetrable, while others will wonder what brilliant alternative reality (Cannes ca. 1985 in a parallel universe?) they somehow missed.

Release date: 8 October 2007 (Europe), 23 October 2007 (rest of world)
Running time: 37:24

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1. À nos amours
2. Visage sous nylon
3. Les déserts des azurs
4. Le bruit du pollen la nuit
5. Nada
6. Ça Va Cogner
7. Les enfants
8. Ferrari en feu (pt. 2)
9. La nuit est une femme
10. Laisse briller tes yeux dans le soleil

Stephen de Oliveira: synths, voice, arpeggiators
Jonathan Parant: guitars, effects
Luc Paradis: drums, singing
Alexandre St-Onge: bass, singing, keyboards

The Brightening Star Choir on TRACK 6: Capucine Cyr-Picand, Morgane Cyr-Picand, Léo Bouchard-Babin, Arthur Parant, Antonin Ravatel, Yakim Cormier.

Recorded and mixed at Hotel2Tango in Montreal by Radwan Moumneh and Thierry Amar. Mastered at Grey Market by Harris Newman.