The Hungry Saw
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“A satisfying mix of richness and sparsity, vibrancy and gloom... Flawless.”

“[The] blend of whimsy, sly charm and melancholy found on Tindersticks songs since their earliest days blows through the smoky haze of The Hungry Saw, a wonderfully classy, coyly playful collection of coarse pop balladry.”

“Their distinguishing vibe has escaped from the smoky lounge and made its way up a frosty hillside… The Hungry Saw is a complex and highly introspective venture, and makes no bones about it.”

“[C]ontains a bit of everything that Tindersticks always did well, done with passion and resolve.”
Dusted Magazine

“The Hungry Saw turns out to be one of the finest efforts in Tindersticks’ repertoire… [C]ombines the best of everything in the band’s past… [Stuart Staples] exhibits some of his freshest and most romantically moving lyrics yet.”
Under the Radar

“The Hungry Saw is the finest Tindersticks album since their eponymous second release back in 1995 and sounds like a creative rebirth.” ¬¬

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The Hungry Saw came out in Europe in April 2008 via Beggars Banquet. Constellation released it in North America in September 2008.

Staunch republicans that we are, we’ll avoid references to “musical royalty” provided by the Beggars Banquet PR department. However, we’ll readily agree that there is something masterful, authoritative, wise, world-weary and maybe even a bit regal about the Tindersticks sound – elements that are all in full and fine effect on this album. But if the band wears capes, they nicked them, threw them around in the dirt some, and have since subjected them to many a wine stain and cigarette burn. Their crowns are homemade from scavenged metals, held together with wire and twine.

The Hungry Saw was a true return to form for the band, after a five year hiatus. In that time, front-man Stuart Staples relocated to France and built his own Chien Chanceux recording studio, where this album was made (co-recorded and mixed by Staples himself). Original members Staples, David Boulter and Neil Fraser were augmented by the rhythm section of Tim Belhom (drums) and Dan Mckinna (bass). A long list of guest players was also included in the sessions, and the record – while cloaked in the inimitably beautiful, tempered melancholy and delicate irony that has marked the band’s past ouevre – also bristles with renewed energy, focus, experimentation and yes, even playfulness. A welcome return by one of the most interesting and literate English bands of the last two decades.

Release date: 16 September 2008
Running time: 45:07

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1. Introduction
2. Yesterdays Tomorrows
3. The Flicker Of A Little Girl
4. Come Feel The Sun
5. E-Type
6. The Other Side Of The World
7. The Organist Entertains
8. The Hungry Saw
9. Mother Dear
10. Boobar Come Back To Me
11. All The Love
12. The Turns We Took

Thomas Belhom: drums, percussion
David Boulter: piano, organ. percussion, guitar
Neil Fraser: electric and acoustic guitar
Dan McKinna: bass guitar, singing
Stuart A. Staples: acoustic guitar, percussion, voice

Terry Edwards: trumpet, saxophone, brass arrangements
Joanne Fraser: flute
Caroline Hall: trombone
Sally Hibbert: violin
Calina de la Mare: violin, string arrangement (TRACK 6)
Andy Nice: cello, solo cello
Suzanne Osborne: singing
Louise Peacock: violin
Julian Siegel: bass clarinet
Lucy Wilkins: lead violin, string arrangements (TRACKS 6, 7, 9, 13)
Sarah Wilson: cello

Recorded at Le Chien Chanceux, Eastcote and Olympic studios by Ian Caple, Stuart A. Stapless, Philip Bagenal and Anna Tjan, 2007. Mixed at Le Chien Chanceux by Stuart A. Staples. Produced by Stuart A. Staples. Mastered at Loud Mastering by John Dent.
Duration: 45:07