Falling Down A Mountain
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"A record that certainly rivals, if not betters any of its three predecessors from the past decade… 'Falling Down A Mountain' doesn't disappoint even at its most arduous vantage points...evident proof that Stuart Staples' creative palette is as vibrant and uncompromising as it ever has been."
Drowned in Sound

"As dense, focused and resolute a record as [Tindersticks] has turned in."

"'Falling Down A Mountain' is as suffused with melancholy as any Tindersticks recording, but these songs don’t crouch quietly in a corner... The album has a swagger that Tindersticks hasn’t shown since 2001’s 'Can Our Love…', finding common ground between the rockier Velvet Underground and the mellower Rolling Stones."
The Onion A.V. Club

"'Falling Down a Mountain', Tindersticks’ eighth album, is the sound of a band rediscovering themselves. The album is dominated by the band’s whimsical, playful side, a usually dormant but altogether delightful aspect of their character."

"The music's still resolutely afterhours in tone, and Stuart Staples still sounds like the missing link between Roland Gift and Paul Shane. But the melancholy club style is at least partly laid aside, introducing both dry mirth and disconcerting menace."
Music Omh

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Falling Down A Mountain came together in two studios (Staples’ own Le Chien Chanceux in France and ICP in Belgium) over three summer months in 2009. Very much a group effort, the recordings were built from a foundation of Staples (guitar, voice) and Boulter (keyboards) along with fellow original band member Neil Fraser (guitar), long time collaborator Terry Edwards (trumpet) and more recent recruits Dan McKinna (bass) and Andy Nice (cello) – all of who appeared on previous record The Hungry Saw. Aided by new ideas from newcomers Earl Harvin (drums, vocals) and David Kitt (guitar, vocals) and a rare guest vocal appearance by Mary Margaret O’Hara on “Peanuts”, Falling Down A Mountain reveals a newly colorful, textured, dynamic and at times even exuberant musical personality for the band, while retaining the band’s unique brand of ‘Northern Soul’, anchored by Staples’ inimitably intimate, deadpan voice. A magnificent updating of, and addition to, the Tindersticks canon.

Release date: 25 January 2010 (Europe), 16 February 2010 (rest of world)
Running time: 44:25

Packaging notes
CD comes in a custom gatefold jacket printed on uncoated 100% recycled 18pt. paper board with a separate 4-colour printed CD sleeve – all featuring original artwork by Suzanne Osborne. CD also includes a 16-page black-and-white credit booklet featuring photography by Neil Fraser.
180gLP comes in thick 24pt. jacket printed on uncoated paperboard with the same booklet as the CD and a 12"x19" art print poster featuring painting by Suzanne Osborne.

1. Falling Down A Mountain
2. Keep You Beautiful
3. Harmony Around My Table
4. Peanuts
5. She Rode Me Down
6. Hubbards Hills
7. Black Smoke
8. No Place So Alone
9. Factory Girls
10. Piano Music

Stuart A. Staples: voice, guitar
David Boulter: keyboards, percussion
Neil Fraser: guitar
Dan McKinna: bass, vocals
Terry Edwards: trumpet
Earl Harvin: drums
David Kitt: guitar, vocals

Mary Margaret O’Hara: vocals
Andy Nice: cello
Joanne Fraser: flute
Louison Renault: xylophone, percussion
Stephane Colin: string arrangements

Recorded at Le Chien Chanceux, France and I.C.P., Belgium by Erwin Autrique and Stuart Staples. Additional recording at 6 Nassau, Toronto by Jeff McMurrich. Produced by Stuart A. Staples. Mastered at Metropolis by Tim Young.