Once More With Feeling...
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"Dynamic and impressive, both doubling down on and expanding outward the charms of the band’s previous record... All these songs have a nervous edge to them, but if Ought cut their teeth on post-punk tension, they also break from it here into various and compelling new directions. All that expansion at the edges of their last record only continues to stretch out on this new EP. This is a band without borders, one that can pull in all directions without snapping."

"A four-track EP that runs for the best part of 25 minutes and possesses more depth, more intrigue, than most full-lengths running to twice as long... [Ought's music] sounds like it could fall apart at any time, that every second of its existence is a precarious balancing act between raw passion and remarkable poise. “Hear me, now, that I am dead inside.” Yet this band is everything but, and an easy sell indeed given even cursory exposure. We should all be feeling this together, now."
Clash Music

"These four tracks...continue to showcase Ought’s unique brand of intelligent indie; distilling what should be straightforward angular guitar pop into raucous, angst ridden rhythms and head-rattling post-punk jangles... Ought’s music holds undeniable echoes of the past, but their triumph is in a vitality of presentation. They transcend accusations of post-punk pastiche because they don’t make music that sounds like Television or Talking Heads, they make music that sounds like the first time you heard Television or Talking Heads. And if these four tracks prove anything, it’s that even when working from off-cuts, the band continue to thrill with their unrivalled promise and exuberance."
Drowned In Sound

"The Montreal band's new EP delivers eccentricity and reckless punk clatter... This follow-up to April's excellent 'More Than Any Other Day' debut is a scattergun 24-minute journey, and its every destination is a delight."
NME (25 Oct 2014 issue)

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Four-piece post-punk group Ought has been gathering momentum the old-fashioned way, with a humble and deceptively unassuming debut album that's been worming its way into many many ears thanks to its combination of intelligence, authenticity, directness, simplicity and energy; and with live performances in which the band's channeling of genuine passion, politics and charisma are consistently connecting with and exuberantly galvanizing audiences.

Released in April 2014, More Than Any Other Day was showered with accolades. Since then the band has been mostly on the road, racking up tour dates and ramping up the attack on their existing songbook. Discussion of a tour-only release that would grab a couple of the band's self-recorded early tunes and commit them to vinyl shifted by the end of spring towards a realization that Ought might update this material to reflect how the songs have evolved on stage and in concert. An intense weekend session at Montréal's Hotel2Tango in June 2014 yielded new recordings of two early pieces, "Pill" and "New Calm Pt. 2" (the self-recorded 2012 versions of which remain available on Ought's Bandcamp) along with the brand new, more experimental and largely instrumental "New Calm Pt. 3". The fantastic non-album track "Waiting" from the More Than Any Other Day sessions (and the first tune to be given out via Constellation when we announced the Ought signing) rounds out this 4-song, 24-minute, 10" vinyl-only offering, suitably titled Once More With Feeling

In light of this new/freshly recorded material, it seemed unfair to restrict the Once More With Feeling… EP to tour-only status; Constellation is also making it available to indie retail, with a proper release date and all. As with More Than Any Other Day, the 10" was recorded by Radwan Ghazi Moumneh at H2T, mastered by Harris Newman at Grey Market, and pressed at the inimitable Optimal record plant in Germany. We think it's a very fine set of tunes that highlights and brings fans up to date with Ought's first two years of songwriting, revealing additional facets of the band, including its ability to play with nostalgia and balladry ("Pill"), feverish revival-tent testifying ("New Calm Pt. 2"), and improv/abstraction ("New Calm Pt. 3").

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Release date: 28 October 2014
Running time: 24:08

Packaging notes
Once More With Feeling... is available as a 10" pressed on heavyweight audiophile vinyl at Optimal in Germany, and comes in a heavyweight printed sleeve with a download code for 320 kbps MP3 copy of the EP.

1. Pill
2. New Calm Pt. 2
3. New Calm Pt. 3
4. Waiting

Matt May: Keys
Ben Stidworthy: Bass
Tim Keen: Drums
Tim Beeler Darcy: Vocals, Guitar

Recorded by Radwan Ghazi Moumneh at Hotel2Tango in Montreal, QC.
Mastered by Harris Newman at Greymarket.