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"Off World is a stellar new project headed by one of the most singular producers in contemporary music; Sandro Perri, who’s probably best known to us for his spellbinding dub-disco-psychedelia take on Arthur Russell as Polmo Polpo, but here indulging in a fascination for much stranger, alien tones in free-floating arrangements of jazz, prog and ambient electronics sounding something like Rashad Becker via Pekka Airaksinen. There’s no mistaking that this is an important project for Perri, featuring some of the most inventive, spellbinding work in his catalogue. It's also one of the most original and satisfying albums we've heard this year - can’t wait to see what the next installments bring."

"What we need most of all is Off World, a studio project led by Toronto’s Sandro Perri. Across two solo LPs (and several more records as Polmo Polpo), Perri has advanced a sound that’s like folk or easy-listening pushed to its free-est limits, Harry Nilsson via Sun Ra. Off World sees him collaborating with producers and vintage-synth squigglers like Mickey Moonlight and Susumu Mukai on warm, extraterrestrial soundscapes. My favourite of these, Primitive Streak, sounds like a dialogue between droopy, melancholy aliens, or like two sunsets commiserating about atmospheric haze. Here and there you hear what might be footsteps, a breeze through long fur. These instrumentals leave almost limitless room for dreaming, decoding, the pleasurable middle ground between mis- and understanding."
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Sandro Perri is one of Constellation’s most long-standing and artistically diverse music-makers. This celebrated Toronto-based composer, producer and songwriter first released albums of hissing, pulsing, longform instrumental work under the Polmo Polpo moniker in the early 2000s, before moving into tropicalia-, jazz- and prog-influenced vocal music under his own name (with forays into dub and afro-beat inflected experimentation via Glissandro 70).

Over the past couple of years, Perri has been letting us in on a fascinating treasure chest of strange and enchanting collaborative sound recordings – rich in deconstructed melody, interplay between acoustic and electronic instrumentation, and pointillist and aleatory composition techniques. A bounty of private and unreleased tracks has been accumulating for some time and we’re excited to reveal that many of these will now see the light of day, with three volumes of this material to be released over the next few seasons, rounded up under the project name Off World.

Chiefly a studio-based endeavour, Perri will be the first to insist that Off World is not “his” project: tracing its origins as far back as 2008, with Perri and fellow Torontonian Lorenz Peter (Processor, Corpusse) working together on tracks and very occasionally performing live, the project has expanded to encompass collaborations between Perri and many others, including producers Drew Brown (Lower Dens, Blonde Redhead, Beck), Susumu Mukai (Zongamin), M J Silver (Mickey Moonlight) and Craig Dunsmuir (Glissandro 70, Kanada 70), and musicians Jesse Zubot and Eric Chenaux.

Off World 1 is alien electronics played humanly, with real-world accents throughout. 1 was conceived almost entirely during a 2-day session in London: a meeting orchestrated by producer Drew Brown between himself, Perri, Susumu Mukai and M J Silver after learning that Perri was a huge fan of both Mukai and Silver’s work. A bounty of raw material featuring mostly vintage synthesizers – EMS Synthi, Syntorchestra, Prophet 5 – was later abetted by violin, banjo, harpsichord, guitar and piano. The result is genuinely exploratory and peculiar sui generis instrumental electronic music that sounds like it could have issued from any time in the past 40-50 years. Off World resists easy categorization: not ambient “easy listening”, not strictly “improvised”, not “retro” – but eccentrically absorbing and soothingly mischievous as it charts its own sonic trails.

Thanks for listening.

Release date: 30 September 2016
Running time: 35:12

Packaging notes
CD comes in a custom gatefold jacket printed on thick 24pt. paperboard with a printed CD dust sleeve. LP is pressed on 180 gram virgin vinyl at Optimal (Germany) and comes in a heavyweight jacket with black poly-lined audiophile dust sleeve, credit insert, pull-out art poster and download code for 320 kbps MP3 copy of the album.

1. Primitive Streak
2. Old Brain
3. No Host
4. Extraction
5. Choral Hatch
6. New Brain
7. Wonder Farm

Drew Brown: Electronics
Susumu Mukai: Drum machine, electronics
Sandro Perri: Electronics, guitar, harpsichord, piano
MJ Silver: Drum machine
Mike Smith: Banjo
Jesse Zubot: Viola, violin
Andrew Zukerman: Electronics

Produced by Off World
Recorded at The Hospital (London) and 6 Nassau (Toronto)
Engineers: Drew Brown, Sandro Perri
Additional Production and Mix: Sandro Perri, MJ Silver (track 4)
Mastered by Rashad Becker at D&M

Front cover painting: Karl Sirovy, Untitled (Kula na visokoj stijeni i opasani grad), 1927
Back cover painting: Karl Sirovy, Untitled (Svetište na vrhu okomite ogradene staze), 1925