Photo: Keiran Behan

As we approach the release date for Deadbeat & Camara’s collaborative LP Trinity Thirty, a re-imagining of the Cowboy Junkies’ classic The Trinity Session, the Berlin-based Canadian duo are sharing another new track from the album. On “To Love Is To Bury,” Deadbeat (aka Scott Monteith) and Fatima Camara transform the Cowboy Junkies’ original ballad into an aching lament rooted by slow, pulsing bass and accented with delicate percussive flourishes. Monteith’s lead vocals spin a melancholic tale, possessing a faded world-weariness while remaining a firmly commanding presence in the mix. “To Love Is To Bury” feels nostalgic and bittersweet, serving as an alluring testament to Deadbeat & Camara’s ability to craft deeply emotive, affecting soundscapes. Listen to the track now:


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Trinity Thirty is a reinterpretation of the beloved Cowboy Junkies classic The Trinity Session, on the occasion of the album’s 30th anniversary. Berlin-based Canadian producers Deadbeat and Fatima Camara bonded over a shared love of this iconic album (and their shared small-town Ontario roots) and embarked on their first-ever collaboration. The Trinity Session is legendary for its naturalistic, languorous covers of classic tunes and traditional work songs – and for being recorded with a single microphone in single takes at a church in Toronto. While Deadbeat and Camara couldn’t entirely replicate this approach as a duo, they similarly re-recorded everything with single mics in a big open space at Berlin’s Chez Cherie studio, relying heavily on natural room acoustics, committed to raw first takes, guided by an overriding strategy of slowing down the tempos as far as they could while continuing to channel the warm asceticism of the original album. The result is a gorgeously somnambulant acoustic-meets-electronic collection of ‘covers of covers’, where the reference point is always the Junkies’ original approach, stretched to new and beguiling limits of deceleration and dubby narcotized spaciousness – a sensibility further reinforced by the mastering treatment of minimalist dub-techno legend Stefan Betke (~scape, Pole).

The first pressing of Trinity Thirty by Deadbeat & Camara is double 180gram audiophile vinyl pressed at Optimal (Germany) packaged in a wide spine jacket with artworked inner sleeves and a 12″x19″ poster, all printed on uncoated papers and boards, featuring original photography by Kieran Behan. The 2x180gLP edition includes a 320kbps MP3 download card.




CD comes in a custom mini-gatefold jacket printed on uncoated 100% recycled paperboard, with an inner dust sleeve housing the disc.