One of the most consistent, acclaimed and beloved post-rock groups of the past twenty years, Do Make Say Think are recognized for both their stellar catalogue of recorded output and a live show that bracingly blends the visceral and cerebral. In an impressive return to form, this was affirmed again this past spring with the near-unanimous praise for Stubborn Persistent Illusions (the band’s first album since 2009) and for their inspired, enthusiastically-received, sold-out hometown album release show at Toronto’s Danforth Music Hall.
Do Make Say Think have an impressive and arguably unparalleled streak in the annals of 21st century instrumental rock: on Pitchfork, for example, the group’s past six albums, spanning 2000-2017, have garnered ratings of 7.9, 8.1, 8.1, 7.9, 7.2 and 7.8.
Featuring all five original and core band members – and with Charles Spearin liberated from his Broken Social Scene duties – Do Make Say Think will hit the road in Eastern Canada and the USA this November/December for the band’s first North American live dates in eight years (outside of Toronto).
Not to be missed for fans of soulful, gritty, ornate and exploratory instrumental rock: DMST have rightly earned a long-standing and well-tested reputation for a sound, style and substance uniquely their own.
“The supernova in Constellation’s stellar network… arguably the finest catalogue of any currently operating instrumental rock band.”

Do Make Say Think Fall 2017 Tour Dates


10.11.17 Ottawa, ON Bronson Centre
11.11.17 Montréal, QC Le National
01.12.17 Washington, DC Rock & Roll Hotel
02.12.17 Brooklyn, NY Murmrr Ballroom
03.12.17 Cambridge, MA The Sinclair
08.12.17 Chicago, IL Metro
09.12.17 Cleveland, OH Agora Ballroom
10.12.17 Detroit, MI El Club

“Music that’s wonderful to live with. Do Make Say Think’s songs don’t demand attention so much as reward it. A song can feel like an island with its own ecosystem, and an album an archipelago. It’s challenging to find your way inside. In the oscillation from serenity to cinematic triumph, their music can seep into your conscious and float around your daily life, not so much a soundtrack as a pliable accompaniment. Even when it’s not competing for your attention, Stubborn Persistent Illusions feels impossible to put down.” – Pitchfork [7.8]
“It really is a rarity to find artists this far into their career, and after such a sustained break, sound so fresh and positive. Clearly, rather than lying dormant these individuals kept spinning along with the rest of the world, and their return is a great deal richer for it. As a genre post-rock is certainly stubborn and persistent in the face of rocky times for guitar music, but its value is no illusion if Do Make Say Think’s latest is anything to go by.” – Drowned In Sound [8/10]
“This is an utterly triumphant, uplifting album” – All Music [4 stars]
“A record that easily ranks among the heaviest, most remarkable releases in Constellation’s recent catalog.” – Magnet
“The nine instrumentals that make up the band’s first album in almost as many years have a warmth and earnestness that permeates their complex emotional movements. Their soundscapes seamlessly blend the organic and rustic infrastructures of urban life. These songs have their own agency.” – Exclaim 9/10
“Musical statements like this, able to carry so much weight yet move so freely, and all without saying a word, are few and far between. Stubborn Persistent Illusions finds Do Make Say Think returning as restless and reaching as they’ve ever been.” – Line Of Best Fit 9/10

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