Do Make Say Think
Do Make Say Think came together in Toronto in 1995-96 and self-released their self-recorded, self-titled debut CD in 1997. Constellation Records re-issued this record the following year and have worked with the band ever since. Four of the founding members continue to play in the group: Ohad Benchetrit, James Payment, Justin Small and Charles Spearin. Jason MacKenzie played drums, keyboards and electronics on the first two records, and Dave Mitchell joined in 1998.

Do Make Say Think have consistently released superlative and critically acclaimed instrumental rock albums that feature highly original hybrids of psych, jazz, punk and electronica. They surpass the all-too-familiar confines of generic post-rock with every album, and are one of the few bands working today that manage to forge compelling instrumental rock with just the right balance of noise, narrative depth, compositional acumen, inventive mixing and editing, and melodic hooks. They have fostered a devoted audience in North America and Europe, and have toured extensively on both sides of the pond, as well as in Asia.

Do Make Say Think records are marked by a fiercely independent approach to recording and mixing that is re-imagined for each release, but which always remains the band’s own; Charles and Ohad have emerged as a distinctive production team, now working out of Ohad’s Toronto studio th’Schvitz. Members of DMST are involved in numerous other groups as diverse as Justin’s messy garage-soul rave-up Lullabye Arkestra; Charles’ and Ohad’s collaboration in playing and producing in Broken Social Scene.

The band’s sixth full-length album (Other Truths) was released in the autumn of 2009.

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    Do Make Say Think
    Do Make Say Think        CD / 2x180gLP / DL
    Other TruthsDo Make Say Think   CD / 180gLP / DL
    You You're A History In RustDo Make Say Think   CD / 180gLP / DL
    Winter Hymn Country Hymn Secret HymnDo Make Say Think   CD / 2xLP / DL
    & Yet & YetDo Make Say Think   CD / LP / DL
    Goodbye Enemy Airship The Landlord Is DeadDo Make Say Think   CD / LP / DL
    Do Make Say ThinkDo Make Say Think        CD / 2x180gLP / DL