Out 06 March 2012:
Guitar & Voice
CST088 CD / 180gLP/ DL
With this fourth album for the Constellation, simply and aptly titled Guitar & Voice, Eric Chenaux – one of Canada’s most respected and long-standing experimental guitar players and songwriters – has made what in a literal sense can be called his first solo album. The recording features only his playing and singing; no guest or supporting musicians, minimal overdubs, and a rigorous structure that alternates back and forth between longform, mostly vocal-based tunes and shorter, cacophonously harmonious bowed-guitar instrumentals.
Chenaux sees the entirety of Guitar & Voice as balladry. The album’s four tunes with singing are clearly ballads, but filtered through Chenaux’s uniquely distorted, refracted, genre-defying lens. With the exception of “Sliabh Aughty” – a beautifully fried 8-minute Hendrixian workout (were Jimi channeling Braveheart rather than “home of the brave”) – all the album’s instrumentals are miniatures of a sort. Each is a bowed guitar piece, recorded acoustically, re-amplified through Leslie speakers and re-recorded as installation pieces in the studio. Each shifts and slides along a stream of harmonic consonances and dissonances wherein melodic motifs are continually subject to slippage, and each is intended to frame and expand the sentiments (and sentimentalism) of balladry that inform the album as a whole.
For the full run-down check our release page. See below for a gorgeous new video for album track “Amazing Backgrounds”, shot by Eric Cazdyn.