Esmerine presents the next chapter in its visual album for the upcoming
Mechanics Of Dominion with the video for “La Pénombre”.
Following the “meditatively surrealist nature video for the free/improv-inflected !Que Se Vayan Todos!” and the considerably more psychedelic trip through the woods for the album’s epic title track (both released last week), “La Pénombre” shifts to nighttime urban imagery and evokes other forms of intoxication – and isolation/interiority – before ending up in the warm light of morning. Culled from footage largely shot in Hong Kong, this video conveys another side of artist Brad Todd’s astute but understated approach to montage, with resonant juxtapositions of abstract ‘technology’ and humans at work and at play. It’s a wonderful interpretation of and accompaniment to the sultry, pulsating, jazz-inflected groove of “La Pénombre”: anchored by a vamp played on ngoni (a West African string instrument) and propelled by a simmering marimba arrangement, the song blossoms towards a gorgeous, searching melodic theme and ends on a fittingly ambiguous image of lonely, resilient human labour enmeshed in old and new world tropes.
Montréal-based multi-disciplinary artist Brad Todd has created videos for the entire Mechanics Of Dominion album, which will continue to roll out in the days to come. Discover more of Todd’s excellent work at
Mechanics Of Dominion is out October 20th.
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