Esmerine, along with video auteur Brad Todd, presents the sixth installment in the visual album for its recently released and widely acclaimed album Mechanics Of Dominion.
“La Lucha Es Una Sola” is the longest track on the record and brings to the fore the marimba and cello combination of Esmerine’s co-founders Bruce Cawdron and Rebecca Foon – the two instruments at the heart of the group’s diverse musical output since its inception in the early 2000s. The piece opens with a languorous string theme, punctuated by Jérémi Roy’s contrabass and Cawdron’s amplified hand-made music box (in a unique deployment of said instrument, and one that recurs on Mechanics Of Dominion as a distinctive sonic signature of sorts). A brass arrangement by Brian Sanderson begins to creep in during the song’s second movement, in tandem with a loose rhythmic shift that evokes Laughing Stock-era Talk Talk, building toward a stately horn-driven suite propelled by a burst of drums by Jamie Thompson (The Unicorns, Islands), until the song comes full circle and returns to its opening theme.
From the glowing album review by A Closer Listen:
Constellation Records continues to be on a tear, the latest Esmerine record its crown jewel. The arc of the album – some may say a circle – allows order to wrap around chaos, peace around war, truth around ‘post-truth’. Esmerine has created a tidy world that reflects not the world as it is, but as it might be. “La Lucha Es Una Sola” (“The Struggle Is Solitary”) stretches slowly from glockenspiel and drone (reminiscent of church bells and chants, reflecting the ancient mind) to the pace of a meandering horse before exploding into an industrial revolution. Is Esmerine retelling the history of the world? This song too loops back, as if saying, remember. Throughout the set, there is such beauty.
Brad Todd’s video for “La Lucha Es Una Sola” meditates on the built environment and its quotidian, utilitarian energy – electrification and transportation are the themes, in simple and sublime shots all captured in and around the Mile-End neighbourhood of Montréal that Esmerine has called home for over two decades.

Mechanics Of Dominion was released on 20 October 2017 and has been highly praised.
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Alongside the band’s collaboration with Brad Todd on the visual album, Mechanics Of Dominion is also an exquisite art package featuring five works by Jean-Sébastien Denis from his Imbrications series:





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