Eric Chenaux
Slowly Paradise

CST131    180gLP / CD / DL    Out 9 March 2018



Listen to Slowly Paradise via The Quietus (UK)
Listen to Slowly Paradise via Libération (France)

Drawing from Eric Chenaux’s rich history in improvisational jazz and folk balladry as well as his deeply expressive, often joyous songcraft, Slowly Paradise is a nuanced yet powerful listen. This stunning solo record, blending Chenaux’s exceptional talent as a songwriter and his singular voice and guitar stylings, is now available for full advance stream via The Quietus (UK) and Libération (FR) leading up to its official release on Friday March 9. Slowly Paradise is a lovely collection of mostly long songs guided by soothing, buttery singing and bent, fried fretwork. It is arguably Chenaux’s most assured and essential solo work, expanding upon the critical acclaim his previous releases Guitar & Voice and Skullsplitter have rightly garnered.



“This voice is perhaps the funnel for this unfurling of thought, where the splay of feeling is consolidated into phrases. His tone is soft, verging on a whisper, as though straddling the boundary between inner thoughts and outward articulation. Sometimes it falls silent, allowing stuttering stylophones or trembling guitars to carry the monologue forth, alternating between the poetry of language and that which spirals away from what the voice can express. I imagine Chenaux to be daydreaming in these moments, as these instrument solos – sometimes chiming like bells, sometimes melting like wax – paint pictures in the air, trying to enact the images that stream through the mind, vivid and beautiful, yet also fluid and unexplainable.” – Attn:Magazine
“His sixth for Constellation favours longform songs that highlight both his sweet, unfussy pop voice and its unique relationship to his experimental guitar work, with avant electronics and billowing open spaces…The 11-minute, Robert Wyatt-ish “Wild Moon” – with its woozy keys and extreme fretwork building to a quivering peak – stands out, but sensual beauty abounds.” – Uncut
“Although he possesses a love and healthy respect for tradition, he is also a superb songwriter and a master of the meandering guitar with a beautiful and distinctive falsetto voice.” – Tiny Mix Tapes, “Wild Moon” video premiere



12.03.18 Biarritz, FR Librairie le Festin Nu
15.03.18 Joué-les-Tours, FR Le Temps Machine
29.03.18 Metz, FR Théâtre du Saulcy
30.03.18 Montbrison, FR Cinéma
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05.04.18 Montbrison, FR Les Instants Chavirés
06.04.18 Brussels, BE AB Salon
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