The response to our GYBE album announcement and pre-order has been overwhelming. The band is humbled and so are we. Huge thanks to everyone who cares so passionately about the group.
In the past 15 hours we have received as many LP orders as we can fulfill and mail out from our Montreal HQ such that they still arrive to customers by the official release date 2 weeks from now. CDs are still available for pre-order, and we’ll start taking orders for the LP again soon, but for the time being:


Please check back on our site over the next couple of days for further developments.
We apologise for any inconvenience. We sincerely and strongly encourage you to support independent music retailers by buying the album when it is in stores or appears on other mail-order sites. Constellaton and GYBE care deeply about keeping indie record shops alive and viable – please support them by requesting/reserving the album, or if you do not live anywhere near a good indie store, check out the many stores that do also have online shops.
Record Store Day has an excellent indie store locater here:
Our UK distributor Cargo Records has a list of UK indie shops here:
Good pricing from indie retail on the GYBE LP would be in the 18.00-23.00 range (USD/CAN/EUR/GBP – we can’t really speak for other currencies or territories).
We have pressed a pretty large amount of vinyl but because of the proximity of the announcement to release date, this LP stock is already allocated and moving through numerous distributors to get the album in shops. There is no need to be paying any sort of premium on e-bay or elsewhere in the next couple of weeks as substantial LP stock is going to be out there and available upon release date.
Utmost thanks again for your interest and support!
Ian & Don at Constellation