photo by Karolyn Keir

Photo: Karolyn Keir

Siskiyou is sharing a new song entitled “What Ifs” from the forthcoming album Not Somewhere in anticipation of the LP’s official release on 17 May. “What Ifs” emphasizes Siskiyou bandleader Colin Huebert’s deeply personal songwriting by layering vulnerable, foreboding lyrics with deftly strummed acoustic guitar and twinkling piano before launching into an immediately resonant coda: “I could use a break from all this,” Huebert sings, expressing an distinctly relatable sentiment. Listen now:

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“Folk-y one moment, cacophonous the next, Not Somewhere is warm, haunting and impossible to absorb in just one listen. The vocals are loosely and lushly layered, pillows full of feathers coming apart at the seams. Horns flare up and fall away, acoustic guitars like open hearts and sunrises, a gentle brush of drums, cello and woodwinds that alternate between a whisper and a scream. It’s not easy to be a person right now, and Huebert captures that beautifully.” – CBC Music Spring 2019 Preview


Not Somewhere

180gLP / DL
Out 17 May 2019

01. Stop Trying
02. What Ifs
03. Temporary Weakness
04. The End II /// Song Of Joy
05. Untitled 32 (live off of the land)
06. Dying Dying Dying /// Wake Wake Wake
07. Unreal Erections /// Severed Heads
08. Nothing Disease
09. Silhouette
10. Her Aim Is Tall
11. Stop Trying (jubilant reprise)
12. Unreal Erections /// Severed Heads (alternate outro)

Revisit the tracks “Stop Trying” and
“Unreal Erections /// Severed Heads”



Audiophile 180gram pressing in midnight ultra-black vinyl from Optimal (Germany) comes in a 20pt/420gsm jacket printed on uncoated 100% recycled paperboard, with 12×24 art print poster + 12×12 insert printed on uncoated paper + 320kbps MP3 download card.