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This site was developed using WordPress, seriously hacked by programming wizard Laurier Rochon and launched in August 2010. It uses a custom font in a few places, which requires Flash and Javascript. Without these, you will be seeing default Arial font for some headers that would otherwise be looking slicker; we also had the custom font running all over the place but it felt like this was going to slow things down for a lot of users. We'll wait for the impending web font revolution and then look out - we'll be tinkering with site typography every day.

Meantime, we invite your feedback about site functionality and/or any problems, broken links, etc. that you may encounter.

Write to ian [at] [the site URL] with your comments.


We do not accept unsolicited demos.

While we have released bands from the Canadian west coast, the United States, and Europe, our artist focus remains predominantly regional. i.e. projects based in Montreal, the province of Quebec, or Central/Eastern Canada.

We do accept unsolicited emails with links to your audio.  Any audio files or other information you give us access to will remain strictly private and confidential. Do not send any files (audio, images or other) as email attachments – these will be trashed. If we have further interest, we will contact you. Unfortunately, due to the overwhelming volume of demo inquiries, we cannot respond to every solicitation.  A lack of response from us implies no judgment about your music; there are hundreds of reasons why we might fail to follow up, and it is nothing personal.

Send demo solicitations to demos [at] [the site URL]


Film, television, and other music usage requests differ in their handling depending on the artist/band in question. Several artists/bands work with publishers and many do not. Constellation executes all master recording licenses, and some synchronization licenses. Whether or not a publisher is involved, we require the artist’s/band’s approval for all usages.

Please contact usage [at] [the site URL] for all inquiries.


Unless otherwise noted, our complete catalogue is always in print

For retail shops: we have excellent distribution partners throughout North America, Europe, Australia, and parts of Asia. We do not deal direct to shops but can provide information about the distributor nearest you by request at info [at] [the site URL]


Orders placed in our webshop are packed and shipped via air mail directly from our own warehouse in Montreal, Canada by the amazing Simon Delage.

As of August 2010 we are no longer providing "shipping included" prices for our stuff, except where explicitly stated. All prices are now quoted in Canadian dollars, and there is a helpful currency converter in the web store to give you an idea of what things will cost in some of the world's major currencies.

Please read the SHIPPING INFO page in our webshop for more detailed information about how our weight-based shipping rates are calculated and how you can get the most out of your order (this especially applies to orders shipping outside Canada and USA).


We accept orders sent to us via postal services.  Please use the webshop to calculate product and shipping cost and mail your order to the coordinates above.


In North America, publicity and promotional work for nearly all our releases is handled in-house by Joni Sadler. For international promo we work with various regional partners, coordinated through our office in Montreal.

Contact joni [at] [the site URL] for any inquiries, or to be added to our press list.