Jason Sharp has emerged as one of Canada’s most fascinating New Music composers and electro-acoustic explorers. The Montréal-based saxophonist has just released Stand Above The Streams, following his acclaimed 2016 debut A Boat Upon Its Blood, and is now sharing a live performance excerpt from the new album, filmed at Montréal’s Eastern Bloc.
Stand Above The Streams demonstrates bracing progress in Sharp’s exploration of sound, body and technology, expanding upon compositional strategies that combine amplified heartbeat with electronics, MIDI triggers, synthesis and controlled feedback, alongside his exceptional saxophone playing. On the new album, Sharp extends his command of technique and texture in collaboration with renowned sound installation artist Adam Basanta.
Sharp and Basanta have forged a four-part series of immersive long-form pieces of multi-layered sound sculpture brimming with visceral tension, as displayed in the video which features a passage from the album’s closing track “Stand Above The Streams Pt. 4″. The two artists blend acoustic and electronic instrumentation to develop a highly innovative and evocative sonic voyage, where live processing via micro-sampling and micro-amplification yields a unique and powerful performance experience.


Sharp and Basanta will premiere Stand Above The Streams in a special appearance at the Phi Centre in Montréal on March 17th – an ideal and pristine sonic environment in which to experience this intense and vital new work live. This concert will also feature an opening set from Constellation labelmate Automatisme, in his first Montréal appearance since last year’s excellent set at MUTEK.
Montreal-based composer and saxophonist Jason Sharp just released his second album for Constellation, following up on his critically-acclaimed label debut A Boat Upon Its Blood. Expanding upon his electro-acoustic and drone-based compositional strategies that combine saxophone, heartbeat, pulse and breathing with electronics, midi triggers, synthesis and controlled feedback, Stand Above The Streams demonstrates bracing progress in Sharp’s exploration of sound and technology. Teaming up with renowned installation sound artist Adam Basanta, Sharp has created a series of long-form pieces that are utterly immersive and brimming with visceral tension.
Stand Above The Streams expands upon Sharp’s previous use of a heart monitor and amplified breath to trigger various rhythmic and textural electronic elements in addition to his exceptional saxophone playing. For this new album Sharp further developed his custom midi and synthesis apparatuses and struck up a collaboration with renowned sound installation artist Adam Basanta.


Jason Sharp
Stand Above The Streams

CST130 180gLP • DL

Praise for Stand Above The Streams:

“A triumph. There’s so much going on in this record it’s hard to know what to highlight – sounds rise up like condensing steam against modular electronic mutations that couldn’t be any less their opposite. It meets in the most remarkable of intersections, between Sharp’s doomy, devastated playing and his warm, hopeful heart.” – Norman Records
“Sharp’s confluence of primal and visionary techniques proves he is a singular talent on a record that is startlingly unfamiliar yet strangely lucid. The sheer variety of resonance and expression created by electrical processes and his playing are enthralling… a work of highly tuned suspense.” – musicOMH
“Sharp continues to synthesise his vast array of influences into his distinctive style of electroacoustic music. Electronic pulse plays a key role, as does some artful sampling and a few subtle jabs of John Carpenter-esque synth lines. Sharp’s sax appears too, while his toolbox of crystalline processed sounds does the musical heavy lifting, leading to even more microscopic detail and alien timbres. Stand Above The Streams makes it clear that the home of post-rock is carving out a niche as the home of whatever lies beyond.” – The Wire
“Jason Sharp’s debut A Boat Upon Its Blood stunned listeners with its fervent and charged concepts, brimming full of experimental ideas and techniques. The second solo album from this exciting and innovative artist, Stand Above The Streams delivers another incredibly alien sounding experience that feels like taking a gargantuan and terrific journey through the human body, where something alien and unknown is hidden away beneath the layers of our own skin. The experience is nothing short of exhilarating.”- Echoes and Dust
“While somewhat forbidding – this is an album that will descend upon you like a fog and soak into your skin – there is an endearing human pulse that runs through it; both figuratively and literally.” – Record Collector