Charles-André Coderre’s video for “Thahab, Mish Roujou’, Thahab” encapsulates the many fascinating strands at play in Daqa’iq Tudaiq.  Coderre is a leading practitioner of experimental analog filmmaking and his bespoke 16mm film treatments and live projections are a core component of Jerusalem In My Heart. For Daqa’iq Tudaiq, he has created a visual diary capturing the making of the album’s orchestral suite, shooting the 15 musicians assembled in Beirut during that recording session (a film to be screened at select engagements during JIMH’s forthcoming tour). Fragments of this 16mm footage – interspersed with archival images from the Arab Image Foundation which feature in the album artwork – are used in the “Thahab, Mish Roujou’, Thahab” video, offering a taste of Coderre’s unique film-processing techniques and cut-up/collage sensibility. We see a sequence of Beirut-based musicians filmed in living portraits, a subtle and abstract homage to indie artists at work in the Middle East, whose involvement was an essential political, cultural and economic act for Jerusalem In My Heart with this new album. Set to Radwan Ghazi Moumneh’s processed-vocal track – the title of which translates as “(The Act Of) Departing, Not Returning, Departing” – makes this an ode and testament of sorts to unsung artists tending the flames of modern-contemporary culture in a region of the world too often and abominably depicted in the West as barbaric and backward, and too often with real-world implications for the freedom of such artists to travel and collaborate otherwise, simply based on nationality.

“Thahab, Mish Roujou’, Thahab”:

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Jerusalem In My Heart
Daqa’iq Tudaiq

180gLP / CD / DL
Out 5 October 2018

1. Wa Ta’atalat Loughat Al Kalam (Part 1)
2. Wa Ta’atalat Loughat Al Kalam (Part 2)
3. Wa Ta’atalat Loughat Al Kalam (Part 3)
4. Wa Ta’atalat Loughat Al Kalam (Part 4)
5. Bein Ithnein
6. Thahab, Mish Roujou’, Thahab
7. Layali Al-Rast
8. Kol El ‘Aalam O’youn