Joni Void presents a new video for the track “Aesthetics of Disappearance” in advance of his upcoming show at Kazoo! Fest in Guelph. Gaël Dewas’s video for Joni Void’s “Aesthetics of Disappearance” (a song based on and sampling from Christine Groult’s “Le Sourire de l’Ange”) is a kaleidoscopic, pulsating journey that morphs in perfect synchronization with every shifting beat and texture of J Void’s composition: dynamic, captivating, and totally immersive.

Watch the video for “Aesthetics of Disappearance”
Gaël Dewas / Gamma Delta artist page


14.04.18 Guelph, ON Kazoo! Fest
05.05.18 Montréal, QC Concordia University (Delia Derbyshire Day)
12.05.18 Montréal, QC La lumière collective (with Automatisme)
13.05.18 Saint-Hyacinthe, QC Librairie St-Germain (with Automatisme)


Joni Void
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Acclaim for Selfless:

“Selfless absolutely judders with physicality and viscera.” – Pitchfork 7.7
“An endearingly head-spinning debut release of textured, pulsating plunderphonics…It’s quite simply a wildly imaginative ride, one of the most intriguing things we’ve heard on Constellation. Recommended!” – Boomkat
“With sounds that increasingly shatter expectations, Selfless provides an intimate look at a new player on the scene and a portrait of a chameleonic contemporary spirit.” – Exclaim 8/10
“Selfless is largely a successful experiment in that it becomes very difficult to tell just where Joni Void ends and his sources and collaborators begin. A fascinating little piece of art.” – PopMatters