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In case you haven’t gotten to know one of our more recent artists yet, there’s no time like the present to come around. Joni Void is the pseudonym of Montréal’s Jean Cousin: Selfless, his debut release on a record label, follows nearly a decade of experimentation, recording and performance as Johnny Ripper within online communities and DIY spaces. The album weaves together field recordings and micro-sampling with inflections spanning electronica, electro-acoustic, noise, neo-classical and techno; Void also cites the work of Delia Derbyshire as a major influence and inspiration.
Selfless absolutely judders with physicality and viscera.” – Pitchfork 7.7
“An endearingly head-spinning debut release of textured, pulsating plunderphonics. It’s quite simply a wildly imaginative ride, one of the most intriguing things we’ve heard on Constellation. Recommended!” – Boomkat
“With sounds that increasingly shatter expectations, Selfless provides an intimate look at a new player on the scene and a portrait of a chameleonic contemporary spirit.” – Exclaim 8/10
Joni Void will take his acclaimed Selfless album on the road in Eastern Canada this fall, as part of a sweet triple-bill with Montréal-via-Japan’s Kazuki Koga and Hamilton’s YlangYlang – following his notable appearance opening for William Basinski at POP Montreal in September.

Joni Void + Kazuki Koga + YlangYlang

13.10.17 Hamilton, ON Fort Elgin
14.10.17 Toronto, ON Tough Guy Mountain
15.10.17 Ottawa, ON General Assembly
22.10.17 Montréal, QC La Plante




Coinciding with what would be Delia Derbyshire’s 80th birthday back in June 2017, an inspired b-side/outtake from Selfless was released via The Quietus. Li De La (title based on a pseudonym Delia used – Li De La Russe) is the name of the exclusive track and it is (almost) entirely made from Delia’s piece Circle Of Light and Shock Chords. Check out Joni Void’s Li De La.