It’s tough to believe it’s been a full year since the release of Selfless – time flies when you’re having fun, right? – but sure enough, the album is celebrating its anniversary this weekend. To commemorate this special occasion, Joni Void is offering up a new batch of carefully-crafted tracks. The prolific Montreal-based artist has been busy churning out new content, both on his own and with various collaborators, and the fruits of his labour are now out in the world for lucky fans to enjoy.
In true JV form, each of these new offerings draws from a particular source and incorporates elements from new creative partnerships. “Défaire le Visage” is based on/samples Natasha Young’s “Beauty Is A Capitalist Construct But Then Again What Isn’t,” rife with samples of beauty products and a subtle excerpt of Luc Ferrari’s “Presque Rien Avec Les Filles” in the final section. “Your Selves” is pieced together from a recording of a drum solo by JS, sampled during a rehearsal leading up to the Selfless album launch. The final track, “Ave Maria,” was originally slated to be the final track on Selfless. Built from a single piano loop sampled from Clara Rockmore’s “Ave Maria” stretched to 10 bpm interspersed with crowd sounds, it’s a classic example of Joni Void’s masterful processing techniques and his ability to rework tiny musical pieces into a singular, gorgeous whole.
Stream all three outtakes from Selfless in a playlist below:

JV has also been working with fellow Constellation electronic artist Automatisme on a project that finds each of them remixing the other’s work for a new digital 12″ split. Great things happen when these two creative forces meet, as this collaboration clearly attests:



Finally, Joni Void will be performing in Montréal and Saint-Hyacinthe this spring. For the Delia Derbyshire Day event, he’ll be playing the track Li De La. The piece is almost entirely made from samples of Delia Derbyshire’s ‘Circle Of Light’ and ‘Shock Chords,’ expanding upon the inspiration Joni Void draws from Derbyshire’s aesthetics and techniques in a distinctly concrete way.


05.05.18 Montréal, QC Concordia University (Delia Derbyshire Day)
12.05.18 Montréal, QC La lumière collective (with Automatisme)
13.05.18 Saint-Hyacinthe, QC Librairie St-Germain (with Automatisme)


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Acclaim for Selfless:

Selfless absolutely judders with physicality and viscera.” – Pitchfork 7.7
“An endearingly head-spinning debut release of textured, pulsating plunderphonics… It’s quite simply a wildly imaginative ride, one of the most intriguing things we’ve heard on Constellation. Recommended!” – Boomkat
“With sounds that increasingly shatter expectations, Selfless provides an intimate look at a new player on the scene and a portrait of a chameleonic contemporary spirit.” – Exclaim 8/10
Selfless is largely a successful experiment in that it becomes very difficult to tell just where Joni Void ends and his sources and collaborators begin. A fascinating little piece of art.” – PopMatters