Land Of Kush
Land Of Kush is a large orchestra assembled and directed by composer and musician Sam Shalabi, one of Montreal's most unique and prolific players over the past decade and a half. Shalabi performs constantly on electric guitar and oud, with regular appearances in numerous jazz and free improv ensembles, membership in a kaleidoscope of avant rock bands, and at the compositional helm of various musical assemblages large and small.

Shalabi has seen a dozen full-length album recordings released in the last several years, under his own name and with Shalabi Effect (on Alien8Recordings) and as a member of Molasses, Detention, Po, ’Gypt Gore and Nutsack. His eponymous albums often include genre-defying compositions for larger ensembles and Shalabi has also mounted many live performances and commissioned compositions for hybrid orchestras that have gone largely undocumented.

Land Of Kush is among the most ambitious and impressive of Shalabi’s projects: the group involves over 30 musicians and two dozen different instruments, including a cluster of strings, horns and woodwinds, multiple percussionists, bassists and guitarists, numerous vocalists, electronics, snyths, darbouka and oud.

Land Of Kush has performed a handful of mesmerising shows in Montreal over the past few years, premiering three different hour-long works over that period. Two of these were recorded in studio at the invitation of Constellation and released in spring 2009 (Against The Day) and spring 2010 (Monogamy) respectively.

Following several visits to the city over the years, Shalabi moved to Cairo in 2011, though he has thankfully maintained strong and active connections to the experimental music communities of Montreal, including the Land of Kush orchestra. His experiences arriving at an apartment one block from Tahrir Square, in the midst of Egypt's 'Arab Spring', led to the composition of the The Big Mango, the latest work for Land of Kush.

Evolving through live performances at the Festival international de musique actuelle de Victoriaville and Montreal's Suoni Per Il Popolo, The Big Mango was eventually put to tape and released on Constellation in October 2013.

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    The Big Mango
    Land of Kush  CD / 180gLP / DL
    The Big MangoLand of Kush  CD / 180gLP / DL
    MonogamyLand Of Kush's Egyptian Light Orchestra   CD / 2x180gLP / DL
    Against The DayLand Of Kush   CD / 2x180gLP / DL