The three albums from our Musique Fragile Vol. 01 box set can now be purchased individually in our webshop on digital formats and in limited quantities on 180gLP.
Les Momies De Palerme Brûlez ce coeur
Khôra Silent Your Body Is Endless
Nick Kuepfer Avestruz
If you have yet to discover these recordings, click above to check out each title’s official release page, where we’re now featuring full streams of the entire albums.
You can also stream or download our Musique Fragile Vol. 01 mix:

This mix is a great introduction to the three albums in the set (and the mix includes some material from Elfin Saddle’s WURLD release as well – an equally lovely limited, hand-numbered edition, well worth checking out).
Limited quantities remain of the original Musique Fragile Vol. 01 box set in our webshop – (which includes additional art/packaging elements) – and the three albums continue to be available as a digital bundle at a special price.
When we released the first edition of Musique Fragile at the end of 2010, we kept half for our direct mail-order and reserved the other half for our distributors – we wanted to make sure independent retailers could participate in the release and get copies of this deluxe item. Our mail-order copies sold through very quickly – thank you to everyone who ordered it!. At precisely this same time, our retail distribution system started going through its biggest changes in the label’s history, affecting almost every important territory in which indie retail sells our records. It took about a year for everything to fully switch over and settle into place with new distro relationships, but we’re happy to say these are all now working out great.
The long and short of which is that our inaugural edition of the Musique Fragile series ended up languishing in warehouses without being properly rolled out in most countries. We’ve managed to get a bunch of these copies back, thankfully for the most part in perfect condition. Our new core distributor SCD also has remaining stock on this – you are a retailer interested in procuring copies, please contact them.
A few boxes of repatriated Musique Fragile sets did come back damaged, but the individual LPs within remained pristine. We also had a few extra raw vinyl copies from each LP pressing in excess of the 500 numbered sets assembled for the Musique Fragile edition. As a result, we have a limited quantity of LP copies for each of these fine albums now available in our webshop as individual items. These are packaged in the same lovely screenprinted jackets as found in the box set, pressed on 180 gram virgin vinyl, and still include the screenprinted poster unique to reach release – however, the art card sets and CD copies included in the 3x180gLP box set edition are not included in the stand-alone LPs.
Again, we do have additional stock of the Musique Fragile Vol. 01 sets back in our warehouse for direct mail-order, and of course the price on the box set is lower than ordering the three LPs separately. But we know the full set is a big commitment, and we figured it would be worth making these extra LP copies available on their own for anyone that might be especially interested in a particular artist from the set.
Thanks for listening.