Mechanics Of Dominion

CST128    180gLP • CD • DL    OUT 20 October 2017




Listen to the tracks “Piscibus Maris” and “The Space In Between” from the first chapter of the Mechanics Of Dominion visual album created by Brad Todd:

And now for our eighth release of 2017: Mechanics Of Dominion by modern chamber ensemble Esmerine, co-founded by Rebecca Foon (Saltland, Silver Mt. Zion) and Bruce Cawdron (Godspeed You! Black Emperor).
Mechanics Of Dominion is perhaps Esmerine’s most dynamic and narratively-informed work, tracing an arc through Neo-Classical, Minimalist, Modern Contemporary, Folk, Baroque, Jazz and Rock idioms to invoke lamentation, meditation, resolve, resistance and hope. It is a requiem for our intractably suffering planet and a paean to the inscrutable, essential dignity of indigenous ethics and the natural world, and to modern human frailty and ingenuity.
Stylistically, Mechanics Of Dominion brings mallet instruments to the fore, with marimba, glockenspiel, piano and amplified music box providing a prominent foundation and through-line on the album’s diverse tracks. Multi-instrumentalist Brian Sanderson’s contributions are also an ever greater part of Esmerine’s songwriting – his stately melodic lines on horns and acoustic strings are formidable elements in the ceremonious lyricism and keening vitality of this song cycle.
Mechanics Of Dominion is also another superlative iteration in Esmerine’s dedication to artwork and packaging, this time featuring the work of Montréal artist Jean-Sebastien Denis to beautifully echo the album’s compositional balance of abstraction, tension and emotional colourations.

Visit the Mechanics Of Dominion release page for all the artwork and more information.