Photo: Antoine Lutens


Pools Of Light

CST124    180gLP • CD • DL    OUT 5 May 2017



Constellation announces new album by Jessica Moss, Pools Of Light, out on May 5th, 2017.
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We are thrilled to announce our fourth release of 2017: Pools Of Light, the Constellation debut of Montreal violinist and composer Jessica Moss. After years of involvement in, most notably, cult post-punk band Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra, Moss has channelled motility and grace into this work of two side-length multi-movement compositions. 
With Pools Of Light, Moss has developed a distinctive and impressive approach to violin that combines a natural technical fluidity, a recombinant command of folk, classical and modern idioms, and an adventurous exploration of signal-bending and analog effects that uniquely expand the spectrum of the violin as sound source. The compositions unfold at a stately, inexorable pace, combining sound-art and signal-processed timbres, extended melodic and contrapuntal lines, and the periodic deployment of stark, minimalist vocals. 
This is elegiac durational music at the intersection of neo-classicism, soundtrack, electronic, art-punk and avant-folk – a decidedly organic, non-academic, profoundly searching and emotive work, guided by Moss’s liner note mantra: “FEELING LOVE IN A MELTING WORLD”.
The Montreal launch of this release will take place at La Sala Rossa on May 9. Moss will share the stage with Toronto’s Fiver and Constellation alumnus/artist/sister Nadia Moss (Frankie Sparo, Carla Bozulich’s Evangelista, LRADs, etc). More information forthcoming.