Off World


Over the past couple of years, Sandro Perri has been letting us in on a fascinating collection of strange and enchanting collaborative sound recordings that he’s been involved with – rich in deconstructed melody, interplay between acoustic and electronic instrumentation, and pointillist and aleatory composition techniques. A bounty of private and unreleased tracks has apparently been accumulating for some time and we’re very excited to announce that many of these will now begin to see the light of day: Constellation will be releasing three LPs of this material over the next few seasons, rounded up under the project name Off World.

Chiefly a studio-based endeavour, Off World traces its origins as far back as 2008, with Perri and fellow Torontonian Lorenz Peter (Corpusse, Processor) working together on tracks and very occasionally performing live under the moniker. The project has expanded to encompass collaborations between Perri and many others as well, including producers and musicians Drew Brown (Lower Dens, Blonde Redhead, Beck), Susumu Mukai (Zongamin), M J Silver (Mickey Moonlight) and Craig Dunsmuir (Glissandro 70, Kanada 70), and Jesse Zubot.

Off World 1 releases September 30, 2016.

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    Off World  CD / 180gLP / DL
    1Off World  CD / 180gLP / DL