Carla Bozulich

CST132    180gLP / DL    Out 11 May 2018


Today we celebrate the release of Carla Bozulich’s new album Quieter, a finely curated group of songs spanning her rich variety of collaborations over the past several years. Critics are already hailing the record as one of the best of her career – which is really saying something, given the top-notch quality of her extensive back catalog – and we couldn’t agree more.
“Her work carries great emotional heft and immediacy, in a way that heady experimentation often struggles with; it often seems to come from some raw rift in the heart, full of the ugliness of loss and grief and alienation… This gorgeous album, which deserves to have time spent with it in the same way all of Bozulich’s work does, will get her one step further to the center of the conversation when it comes to lifetime achievement in the experimental world.” – Bandcamp, Album of the Day
“Bozulich has built her reputation by celebrating everything non-traditional for years, often to gloriously resolute and raucous effect, but on Quieter, she lets her mastery of delicate intimacy shine as she taps into an eternal, cold 2AM mood that few can.” – Tiny Mix Tapes, 9/10
“Like Bozulich herself, Quieter is larger than life… This is an unforgettable, virtuoso performance.” – Exclaim!, 8/10
“Four decades into her consistently overlooked career, Bozulich is at her peak. 2014’s Boy was great, but this is greater: from the blasted torch song opener “Let It Roll,” via more fractured, abstract pieces like “Written In Smoke” and “Stained In Grace,” to the Marc Ribot duet that closes (where Bozulich channels Julie London and Ute Lemper and you can see the curling cigarette smoke), Quieter doesn’t put a foot wrong.” – NARC Magazine, 5/5
“Bozulich is as good as any Nick Cave or Tom Waits, and more than deserves to be revered as much as they are. When even her off-cuts are this good, there shouldn’t be any doubt.” – Norman Records
“I am going to return to this record, repeatedly, like a kept promise. Perhaps when the shadows lengthen and the skies grey over again. It will become that record to me. I believe when the tear streaks dry and the dust settles, Quieter will go down as one of my favourite records of the year. It’s durable. It’s lasting. It’s timeless.” – Bearded Magazine



Audiophile 180gram pressing in midnight ultra-black vinyl from Optimal (Germany) comes in a 350gsm jacket with artworked inner sleeve and 12″x24″ poster, all printed on uncoated papers and board, with a 320kbps MP3 download card.

1. Let It Roll
2. Sha Sha
3. Glass House
4. Stained In Grace
5. Emilia
6. Written In Smoke
7. End Of The World
Release date: 11 May 2018
Running time: 38:11