“Music that’s wonderful to live with. Do Make Say Think’s songs don’t demand attention so much as reward it. A song can feel like an island with its own ecosystem, and an album an archipelago. It’s challenging to find your way inside. In the oscillation from serenity to cinematic triumph, their music can seep into your conscious and float around your daily life, not so much a soundtrack as a pliable accompaniment. Even when it’s not competing for your attention, Stubborn Persistent Illusions feels impossible to put down.” Pitchfork 7.8
“The nine instrumentals that make up the band’s first album in almost as many years have a warmth and earnestness that permeates their complex emotional movements. Their soundscapes seamlessly blend the organic and rustic infrastructures of urban life. These songs have their own agency.”Exclaim 9/10
“Musical statements like this, able to carry so much weight yet move so freely, and all without saying a word, are few and far between. Stubborn Persistent Illusions finds Do Make Say Think returning as restless and reaching as they’ve ever been.” Line Of Best Fit 9/10
After much anticipation, we are thrilled to release the newest work by the renowned Toronto artists Do Make Say Think. The eight year gap between recordings has seemingly only reinforced their dexterity with the raw materials of their brand of frank, impetuous composition.
Do Make Say Think has a well-earned reputation for imbuing their instrumental music with soulful and emotive narrative power in a class of its own. Among the band’s special strengths is an ineffable naturalism that avoids anything too woolly or proggy, abstract or academic, while remaining a fundamentally guitar-based group whose ornate four- and six-string interplay balances rockism, pastoralism and electronic-influenced post-production.
Stubborn Persistent Illusions is built from this distinctive toolkit, at once familiar and as fresh as anything DMST has committed to tape. A short Bhuddist poem about boundlessness and recurrence informs this profoundly imagistic listening experience, amplified by the beautiful original album art paintings commissioned from Marianne Collins.
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Stubborn Persistent Illusions can be streamed from Spotify or Apple Music.
The Toronto launch show will be taking place at the Danforth Music Hall on June 10, 2017. Tickets are going fast, so get yours soon here.