Esmerine’s tremendous new album Mechanics Of Dominion is out today.
Digital albums (MP3 or FLAC) are now available in our webshop, along with the Deluxe 180gLP and CD editions of course.
We also encourage you to support Esmerine on Bandcamp, where all the group’s albums are now available digitally, including – for the first time in many years – their wonderful first two records from the early 2000s, Aurora and If Only A Sweet Surrender Be True.

Some nice words about Mechanics Of Dominion so far:

“Just as there are certain novels that make you feel that you are also in a novel, there are records that impute meaning into minute corners of your existence. Mechanics of Dominion is the soundtrack to a slow, elegiac, softly sad imaginary film concerning man’s inhumanity to man and the aftermath of ecological disaster. Mechanics of Dominion is careful, elegant, cerebral and quietly stirring.” – The Wire
“Constellation continues to be on a tear, the latest Esmerine record its crown jewel. Throughout the set, there is such beauty.” – A Closer Listen
“The Juno-winning Canadian chamber group’s sixth album channels existential and environmental dread through a state of graceful introversion not unlike that of an old peer in modern chamber music, Rachel’s.” – Line Of Best Fit • Album Of The Week
Mechanics of Dominion is a bold, gripping and brilliantly nuanced addition to Esmerine’s gorgeous catalogue, swelling with hope and brimming with energy.” – Exclaim 9/10
“Minimalistic in its outlook and yet with rich instrumentation, traditional in both its inclusion of classical and folk influences and still forward-thinking and experimental. The subtlety of the melodies, and the expansive power they hold, are responsible for Esmerine’s tour de force.” – Pop Matters 8/10
“Esmerine don’t hold anything back on their latest album; they’re at their most intense. Their songcraft has been elevated once again. Mechanics Of Dominion is a mood-swinger, breaking through the sobering walls of tragedy and despair until it reaches a place of relief and the sunrise of a small smile.” – Fluid Radio
“Esmerine’s style is a music genre of itself. Mechanics of Dominion is a marvelous release and when it gets you with its overwhelming concept and brilliant execution you can’t help but play it again.” – Echoes And Dust

The Deluxe 180gLP edition of Mechanics Of Dominion is one of the loveliest packages we’ve had the pleasure of making, in collaboration with Montréal visual artist Jean-Sébastien Denis whose paintings are featured on the cover art and in a set of five 12”x12” art prints and a 12”x19” art poster contained inside.
And the brilliant Montréal multi-media artist Brad Todd has made a beautiful, subtle, cerebral visual album for Mechanics Of Dominion. As of release date today, we’ve published videos for 6 of the album’s 8 songs. Check them out here: