Today marks the release of Godspeed You! Black Emperor’s seventh album. Big thanks and appreciation to everyone who preordered the album from us or from among the long list of indie stores we partnered with. The album is now available digitally in our webshop in MP3 or FLAC formats – or over at Bandcamp which we also encourage you to support.
Nice things are being said in many early reviews:
“Stands as one of the best albums of the year. ‘Bosses Hang’ is the best thing Godspeed has written in years. Each riff positively blossoms into the next, never lingering for too long on any one musical idea. Every note speaks for itself. The band’s sonic apocalypticism has overtones of hope. Luciferian Towers is excellent.”PRETTY MUCH AMAZING (A-)  

“It is demanding, complex, wordless music, directed in part at the off-switch of the information age. Godspeed expects an interpretive exchange from its listeners, and rewards surrender to the transaction…precise in its dissonance and generous with its emotions. ‘Anthem For No State’ is one of the most beautiful things that Godspeed has ever put down.”NPR  

The band still builds giant sonic structures with guitars, drums, and violins, stretching out into song suites that can last for 15 minutes or more. In fact, two of those suites make up the bulk of Luciferian Towers: ‘Anthem For No State’ is the lengthy three-part comedown after the brutal, beautifully intense three-part ‘Bosses Hang,’ which is one of the band’s strongest compositions ever put to tape. Whether the music conveys the band’s intended political message can’t be definitively said, but at least they keep making incredible sounds to smash the state by.”AV CLUB (B+)  

“No one working in this genre does [it] better. Godspeed’s music is undergirded by its musicians’ radical leftist politics and that means there’s hope rather than despair at its heart—a belief that collective struggle against our overlords is a battle worth fighting instead of a foregone conclusion to surrender to. It’s this spirit that animates Luciferian Towers, their impeccably composed, most melodic and powerfully positive-sounding album to date.”PITCHFORK (7.3)  

“Godspeed has taken measured steps closer to beauty. It’s not a record of mourning, as much of the collective’s music has been described. Instead, it feels more like a call to action and creation. The world is ruined — but all of us are still here. It’s not a revolutionary message for Godspeed, which has been delivering variations of this for almost 20 years. But it still sounds like a revolution.” LA TIMES  
In other news, the Godspeed concerts in Guadalajara and Mexico City that were to take place on September  22 and 23 respectively will be re-scheduled in the wake of Tuesday’s tragic earthquake. Read the band’s official statement and stay tuned to our website for news of the confirmed dates. 
Beyond the band’s upcoming tour in Europe and the UK, a few notable festival appearances have been added to their schedule: 2 concerts in mid-December at Houston’s Day for Night festival, as well as 2 headlining concerts at the Roadburn Festival in Tilburg, The Netherlands in April 2018. See below for complete list of upcoming dates. 

Godspeed You! Black Emperor Tour Dates


13.10.17 Rome, IT Romaeuropa Festival w/monumental
14.10.17 Rome, IT Romaeuropa Festival w/monumental
15.10.17 Fribourg, CH Frison
16.10.17 Toulouse, FR Le Bikini
17.10.17 Bordeaux, FR Krakatoa
18.10.17 Rennes, FR Théâtre National de Bretagne
19.10.17 Rouen, FR Le 106
20.10.17 Lyon, FR Le Tobogan
21.10.17 Strassbourg, FR La Laiterie
22.10.17 Lille, FR La Condition publique
23.10.17 Brighton, UK Brighton Dome
25.10.17 Newcastle, UK Boiler Shop
27.10.17 Glasgow, UK ABC
28.10.17 Manchester, UK Victoria Warehouse
30.10.17 Bristol, UK Motion
31.10.17 London, UK Troxy
01.11.17 Brussels, BE Vorst Nationaal
02.11.17 Amsterdam, NL Paradiso
03.11.17 Berlin, DE Festsaal Kreuzberg
05.11.17 Hanover, DE Indiego
07.11.17 Paris, FR Elysée Montmartre
16.12.17 Houston, TX Day for Night
17.12.17 Houston, TX Day for Night
21.04.18 Tilburg, NL Roadburn Festival
22.04.18 Tilburg, NL Roadburn Festival