“An ambitious work, using simple elements Moss has created a sprawling composition that, while instrumental, manages to capture a sense of the precarious danger of our time. Listening to it is a despairing but also cathartic experience.” – Exclaim, 8/10
“There is a warm solemnity to Pools of Light, like participating in a communal prayer…this album is an interplay of hope for the hopeless and hopelessness for the hopeful, an emotional process in which the sharing of an all-encompassing pain is the relief that provides a basis to keep dreaming.” – A Closer Listen
We are proud to release Pools Of Light, the Constellation debut of Montreal violinist and composer Jessica Moss. With this work, Moss has developed a distinctive and impressive approach to violin that combines a natural technical fluidity, a recombinant command of folk, classical and modern idioms, and an adventurous exploration of signal-bending and analog effects that uniquely expand the spectrum of the violin as sound source. The compositions unfold at a stately, inexorable pace, combining sound-art and signal-processed timbres, extended melodic and contrapuntal lines, and the periodic deployment of stark, minimalist vocals.
This is elegiac durational music at the intersection of neo-classicism, soundtrack, electronic, art-punk and avant-folk – a decidedly organic, non-academic, profoundly searching and emotive work, guided by Moss’s liner note mantra: “FEELING LOVE IN A MELTING WORLD”.
See our release page for full information and to purchase the album. You can also support this release by ordering it digitally on Bandcamp.
Pools Of Light can be streamed from Spotify.
The Montreal launch of this release will take place at La Sala Rossa on May 9. Moss will share the stage with Toronto’s Fiver and Constellation alumnus/artist/sister Nadia Moss (Frankie Sparo, Carla Bozulich’s Evangelista, LRADs, etc). Jessica will later be sharing the stage with Les Bonhommes (feat. Greg Saunier of Deerhoof) at Union Pool in NYC on May 16, and Constellation’s own Joni Void and Jason Sharp on May 18 for the Toronto launch of “Pools Of Light”.