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“Cousin undermines any reputations that might precede him as a bedroom recordist, and, in an intertextual (if semi-roundabout) way, Selfless provides an intimate look at a new player on the scene and with it, a portrait of a chameleonic contemporary spirit.” – Exclaim, 8/10
We are honoured to release Selfless, the Constellation debut of Montreal musician and producer Joni Void, pseudonym of Jean Cousin, and also known as Johnny Ripper.
Selfless is an exploration of catharsis and the escape from entrapments of subjectivity and solipsism, guided by Cousin’s renunciation of any ‘original’ playing or recording of his own, while celebrating intimate community and inter-subjectivity through solicitation of private voice recordings from close friends.
Selfless is chock full of stand-out tracks that work in isolation but also make for a wonderfully complex, coherent and compelling album of experimental plunderphonics. Joni Void presents a debut album that balances the freeform spirit of sampledelica with the conceptual, emotive and stylistic specificity of individual songcraft, to glorious effect.
See our release page for full information and to purchase the album. You can also support this release by ordering it digitally on Bandcamp.
Selfless can be streamed from Spotify.
The Montreal launch of this release will take place at La Sala Rossa on May 7. Jean will share the stage with Kazuki Koga & Valeda. Joni Void will later be sharing the stage with Jessica Moss and Jason Sharp on May 18 for the Toronto launch of Selfless after an appearance in Hamilton on May 17.