Rebecca playing cello in in front of Bruce's house in Wakefield
“Rebecca Foon’s second album as Saltland is a bona fide stunner. Potentially one of the most beautiful records you’ll hear this year. It makes sweet misery out of melody while articulating a forlorn yet rousing sense of hope.” The Skinny ★★★★
“Bountiful and expansive…[Foon] crafts a complex and dense soundscape so rich in detail that repeated listens always reveal further treasures. This is a quietly powerful, and intensely beautiful, record whose contemplations will bed themselves in your mind and hopefully move you towards caring about the issues raised as deeply as she clearly does.” MusicOhm ★★★★
“A Common Truth, offers meditations on climate change, unfolding in spellbinding passages that entrance with deeply resonating, emotional dispatches on the realities facing the natural world, healing warmth and cosmic awareness.”Exclaim 8/10
We are thrilled to celebrate the release of A Common Truth, the second album by Saltland, the solo project of veteran Montréal cellist and composer Rebecca Foon. The album invokes an aural engagement with climate change and the multiple and complex emotional, social and political resonances it solicits. Her own dedicated work as a member of Sustainability Solutions Group cooperative, as founder of the conservation charity Junglekeepers, and as co-founder of Pathway to Paris contributes to the impactful palette of Foon’s cello work on this immersive and restorative work of austere warmth.
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A Common Truth can be streamed from Spotify and Apple Music.