Sandro Perri
In Another Life

CST136    180gLP / DL    OUT NOW


In Another Life, Sandro Perri’s first full-length since 2011’s acclaimed Impossible Spaces, is now available for purchase in digital and vinyl formats, via our webshop, on Bandcamp, and in person at fine record stores all over the world. The album finds Perri in top form, dexterously striking a balance between heady introspection and intuitive long-form pop songcraft, and has been hailed by critics:
Aquarium Drunkard (on “In Another Life”):
“The bubbling swirls of minimalist synth, astral guitar moans, and glistening flashes of electronic squeaks and shimmers cement [Perri’s] place as our space age Arthur Russell. The arrangement varies little as Perri takes us through a stream-of-consciousness journey into an enlightenment that feels like his own private secret…Across this expansive and cosmic piece, arguably his finest work to date, Perri muses on the possibilities of what can and cannot be: the complete divesting of one’s own ego…and the bittersweet melancholy of romanticized nostalgia… These existential meditations are fulfilling in their poetic ambiguity, the inherit sadness of the unknown, and the beauty that is also inherent in that unknowing. Indeed, this is how Perri walks on the moon, each step moving him up to a spiritual lightness that feels like floating. No matter the wait, how generous of him to invite us along.”
Pitchfork (on “Everybody’s Paris Pt III”):
“[A] spacey lullaby featuring vocals and lyrics by Destroyer’s Dan Bejar. Teaming with the Toronto producer, Bejar plays a familiar role — the weary traveler, omniscient and unimpressed, loaded with wisdom that he unfolds like riddles…Perri’s starry, oil pastel music is an ambient devolution of the soft-rock that Bejar has been exploring on his latest releases: Balmy keys and saxophones, harmonicas and fretless bass, all concocted like the remnants of various liquors poured into an elegant glass at the end of a long night.”
The Guardian (on “In Another Life”):
“The full version of this song from the Canadian songwriter is 25 minutes long – and its ambition is matched only by its beauty. Perri’s quavering voice is a little reminiscent of Cass McCombs and Phosphorescent, singing a song of acceptance and shared humanity, and the backing of meandering electric guitar and synth pattern is pure Balearic.”
“[‘In Another Life’ is Perri’s] “outsider pop masterpiece… The title track meanders unhurriedly over its 24-minute runtime, like an extended broadcast being left to travel toward the heavens. Layered synth sequences, three piano chords, a dream-weaving guitar and Perri’s soothing voice all swirl around in a pool of enraptured bliss. There is a focus on both repetition and the subtle shifting of sonic elements, such that one ultimately gets lost in the music. Perri’s poetic lyrics find him ruminating on possibilities yet unrealized in our current situation on this revolving, rotating sphere. Those 24 minutes are over before one even realizes it.”



Audiophile 180gram pressing in midnight ultra-black vinyl from Optimal (Germany) comes in a thick 24pt jacket with black paper polylined dust sleeve, 12″x24″ poster, 12″x12″ lyric sheet insert and 320kbps MP3 download card.

CD comes in a custom mini-gatefold paperboard jacket with matte UV varnish and inner dust sleeve for the disc.