Pacha is the work of Pierre-Guy Blanchard, a multi-instrumentalist and composer who resides in Charlo, New Brunswick.

After completing a major in percussion performance at the University of Moncton in 2003, Pierre-Guy spent five years immersed in various and diverse Montreal musical communities, with frequent international voyages enriching his sonic palette and rhythmic skill. He has performed with such experimental and folk music projects as Ensemble Thalassa (Greek Rembetiko), Djoumbush (Turkish Gypsy), Qurna (Iraqi Maqam), L'ici-bas (Bulgarian folk music) and Radwan Moumneh's Jerusalem in My Heart, and participated in recordings of Black Ox Orkestar and Sam Shalabi's Land of Kush, as well as composing numerous theatre and film scores. His travels abroad during this time included a period of study under darbuka master Misirli Ahmet in Istanbul, curation and performances at the Sanayeh art house in Beirut, and an appearance with the Pancevo folk music ensemble in Serbia.

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