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Sandro Perri’s forthcoming album, In Another Life, is his first solo record since the acclaimed 2011 full-length Impossible Spaces. Prior to its release on Friday, Perri shares the second single “Everybody’s Paris Pt III,” the third and final track of the song cycle that makes up the entire B side of the album. This trio of songs, which exemplify Perri’s experimentations with “infinite songwriting,” begins with Perri on vocals (Pt I), followed by André Ethier (The Deadly Snakes) for Pt II and Dan Bejar (Destroyer) for Pt III, with each guest stepping up to the mic to sing their own lyrics against the backdrop of Perri’s sublime composition.

Listen to “Everybody’s Paris Pt III” now, and see below for the full run-down on In Another Life:


“Everybody’s Paris Pt III” Pitchfork Track Review:


In Another Life, Sandro Perri’s first album under his own name in seven years, closes with “Everybody’s Paris Pt III,” a spacey lullaby featuring vocals and lyrics by Destroyer’s Dan Bejar. Teaming with the Toronto producer, Bejar plays a familiar role—the weary traveler, omniscient and unimpressed, loaded with wisdom that he unfolds like riddles. For his 2011 LP Kaputt, Bejar said he delivered most of his vocal performances while making a sandwich; here, it’s like he’s cooking one of those poisonous Phantom Thread dishes. He sounds distracted but deadly: “The ceiling fan looks like a plan,” he yawns, “For a sky designed to cut you to shreds.” Perri’s starry, oil pastel music is an ambient devolution of the soft-rock that Bejar has been exploring on his latest releases: Balmy keys and saxophones, harmonicas and fretless bass, all concocted like the remnants of various liquors poured into an elegant glass at the end of a long night. “Swore I would never do this to you again,” Bejar whispers as Perri’s arrangement sunsets away, then they’re both gone without a trace. Some guys you just can’t trust.”


Sandro Perri
In Another Life

CST136    180gLP / CD / DL     Out 14 September 2018

1. In Another Life (24:21)
2. Everybody’s Paris Pt I (7:43)
3. Everybody’s Paris Pt II (feat. André Ethier) (5:15)
4. Everybody’s Paris Pt III (feat. Dan Bejar) (6:41)



Sandro Perri returns with In Another Life, his first new solo album since the acclaimed Impossible Spaces from 2011 (which garnered a Best New Track and Top 50 Albums of 2011 from Pitchfork, among many other accolades). Perri has been called “one of the most singular producers in contemporary music” (Boomkat) and his long affiliation with Constellation through various electronic and singer-songwriter guises (Polmo Polpo, Glissandro 70, Off World) has produced a uniquely adventurous and iconoclastic discography. In Another Life expands on this in peerless fashion.
The new album is what Perri describes as “an experiment in ‘infinite’ songwriting.” The title track is a 24-minute pop mantra for sequenced synth, piano, guitar and voice, progressing sideways rather than forward. A relaxed three-chord vamp runs the length of the album’s Side One, peppered with Sandro’s languid, lilting vocal and adorned with continually developing musical details – massaging the listener with the joys of repetition while defying stasis and monotony. Like the longer-form work of fellow-travellers Bill Callahan, Destroyer or Arthur Russell, Perri extends the notion of the meditative minimalist pop song to its literal maximum, flouting ‘commercial’ concerns in our streamingly short-attention-span era – and perhaps implicitly calling for a politics of slow consumption? The lyric of “In Another Life” suggests as much, moving through bemused critiques and degrees of equivocation about unrealized utopias, culminating with the final stanza: “Beyond the choice of create or destroy / inherit, steal, gift or employ / Fair is far too small a word we’d enjoy / In another life / So hold a promise no bigger than two hands / Hope scaled and re-read in human / And not reduced to a list of demands / In another life.”