Sandro Perri is one of Constellation’s most diverse, fascinating, genre-defying and long-standing artists. Dating back to his acclaimed 2003 album Like Hearts Swelling under the Polmo Polpo moniker (which Pitchfork praised as “perfectly unstructured, structured sound”), the one-off Glissandro 70 record in 2006 (“a perfect balance between enjoyability and experimentation” said Drowned In Sound) and a series of acclaimed releases under his own name from 2006-2012, Perri has explored intersections of electronic and acoustic composition, instrumental and vocal music, with influences ranging from orchestral/ambient ‘noise’, tropicalia, prog, folk, lo-fi, jazz/improv, balladry, drone/pulse, electronica and alien synthetics.
Boomkat has called Perri “one of the most singular producers in contemporary music” and in celebration of his latest offering – the second volume of leftfield synth-electronic collaborations as Off World (Ed: this one isn’t on sale, because it’s new…but everything else is) – we invite you to explore Sandro’s wonderful back catalogue and tempt you with some very nice pricing indeed.
During the preorder period for Off World 2, all of Sandro Perri’s other Constellation releases are on sale:
LPs are $10, CDs and MP3 or FLAC are $6.
And these are cheap Canadian dollars we’re talking about – if you’re dealing in American, British or European coinage for example, prepare to be even more tempted. (There’s a couple of 20-25 minute EPs in the mix where digital prices are even cheaper.)



Over at BANDCAMP, all these titles (digital only) are newly available and specially-priced as well. If you like Bandcamp – and you should, since they are a platform and business model that increasingly stands in stark contrast to all those shitty corporate-controlled, venture-capitalized, rent-seeking music portals we know too well – then please do also consider supporting them and us by shopping over there. (You get a wider selection of digital format options than our clunky old website can provide, in exchange for the slightly higher prices we distribute to them.)
Here’s the list:
cst026_600px    CONSTELLATION      BANDCAMP

cst037_600px    CONSTELLATION      BANDCAMP

cst042_600px    CONSTELLATION      BANDCAMP

cst047_600px    CONSTELLATION      BANDCAMP

cst085_600px    CONSTELLATION      BANDCAMP

cst101_600px    CONSTELLATION      BANDCAMP

cst117_600px    CONSTELLATION      BANDCAMP