Sandro Perri is one of Constellation’s most diverse, fascinating, genre-defying and long-standing artists. Dating back to his acclaimed 2003 album Like Hearts Swelling under the Polmo Polpo moniker (which Pitchfork praised as “perfectly unstructured, structured sound”), the one-off Glissandro 70 record in 2006 (“a perfect balance between enjoyability and experimentation” said Drowned In Sound) and a series of acclaimed releases under his own name from 2006-2012, Perri has explored intersections of electronic and acoustic composition, instrumental and vocal music, with influences ranging from orchestral/ambient ‘noise’, tropicalia, prog, folk, lo-fi, jazz/improv, balladry, drone/pulse, electronica and alien synthetics.
Boomkat has called Perri “one of the most singular producers in contemporary music” and in celebration of his latest offering – the second volume of leftfield synth-electronic collaborations as Off World (Ed: this one isn’t on sale, because it’s new…but everything else is) – we invite you to explore Sandro’s wonderful back catalogue and tempt you with some very nice pricing indeed.
LPs are $10, CDs and MP3 or FLAC are $6.
And these are cheap Canadian dollars we’re talking about – if you’re dealing in American, British or European coinage for example, prepare to be even more tempted. (There’s a couple of 20-25 minute EPs in the mix where digital prices are even cheaper.)



Over at BANDCAMP, all these titles (digital only) are newly available and specially-priced as well. If you like Bandcamp – and you should, since they are a platform and business model that increasingly stands in stark contrast to all those shitty corporate-controlled, venture-capitalized, rent-seeking music portals we know too well – then please do also consider supporting them and us by shopping over there. (You get a wider selection of digital format options than our clunky old website can provide, in exchange for the slightly higher prices we distribute to them.)
Here’s the list:
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cst037_600px    CONSTELLATION      BANDCAMP

cst042_600px    CONSTELLATION      BANDCAMP

cst047_600px    CONSTELLATION      BANDCAMP

cst085_600px    CONSTELLATION      BANDCAMP

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cst117_600px    CONSTELLATION      BANDCAMP